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    Site Rules

    Rule #1 - Don't be a dick.
    That should be self-explanatory and pretty much cover everything, but if you still need more than that, it basically means no trolling, no bullying, no flaming, no doxxing, no spamming, etc. We want a kind, polite, clean, and supportive community, so typical internet comment section nonsense behavior will not be tolerated here.

    Rule #2 - No users under age 13.
    All Users must be age 13 or older. This is worth 4 points.

    Rule #3 - No inappropriate content.
    Do not post anything that you would be ashamed of if your mother were to see it. No pornographic material just for the sake of it. This is worth 2 points. If you really want to be super-profane or share highly adult material that is related in some way to tabletop gaming, you can join]The Ta...Discord server and use the channels 'The Salt Mine' and/or 'The Restricted Section' for that.

    Rule #4 - Don't post in Campaigns that aren't yours.
    Do not post in anyone's game unless you are a part of that game.

    Rule #5 - No multiple accounts.
    Do not create more than one account. This is worth 1 point for your oldest account and 4 points for each of your newer accounts.

    Rule #6 - Don't cheat.
    That's not cool. It defeats the purpose of the game and takes the fun away.

    Rule #7 - No unintelligible posts.
    Here's the deal - just try to make a post that makes sense and is readable. If you aren't perfect but you're putting in the effort, then that's fine. But if you regularly submit posts that have no spaces, no punctuation, misspelled words, text-message-style shorthand, and other nuisances like that on a site built around typing stories to each other, then you might find yourself asked to either improve your performance or find somewhere else to get your online roleplaying fix. Posts that look like a text message that was written in five seconds are not allowed. We're a forum. Writing is kind of a big deal here. No posts allowed that a first grade teacher wouldn't accept.

    Rule #8 - No spam or advertising.
    Do not submit spammy, link-filled posts that seem to have no place here about topics that we don't cater to. And don't come here just to post about your sports news website or your Kickstarter campaign or whatever else and try to use the community as a recruiting grounds or a resource pool to come scoop clicks/views/donations from. That is not appreciated and it is not allowed.

    Unless otherwise noted in their descriptions, infractions are worth 1 point each. A point stays with you for 90 days and then goes away if you've managed to be on your best behavior for that long. If you accumulate 3 points, you'll be automatically Banned for a week. If you accumulate 4 points, you'll be automatically Banned forever.

    More rules may be added to this list if necessary, but these are all that are required right now and they are the most important. Please do your best so that we never need to add any more.