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How do I start a Campaign? How do I recruit? How do I change my Campaign's settings?

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    How do I start a Campaign? How do I recruit? How do I change my Campaign's settings?

    To make a new Campaign, you start at the Campaigns Overview page. From there, you'll see a smaller link under the Campaigns tab that says Create Your Own New Campaign, or you'll see a button that says "+ Create Campaign". Either one will take you to the area where you can start setting up your new game.

    Select a Campaign Category to help other players find your game. The current options are: D&D 5th edition, Pathfinder, Pathfinder 2nd edition, & Uncategorized.

    Give your Campaign a name.

    Write a brief description for your Campaign. It doesn't have to be a lot. Just enough to give players an idea of what's in store.

    When choosing your Campaign's Type, you're deciding who will be able to Join the Campaign as a Member.
    • Public - Anyone can Join on their own without any Approval from you.
    • Moderated - Anyone can request to Join, but you must Approve each request.
    • Invite Only - No one can Join except by accepting a direct invitation that you sent out.

    When it comes to the options for who is able to view your Campaign,
    • Everyone - Anyone on the internet, even people who are not registered forum users, can see your Campaign.
    • Campaign Members and Registered Users - Slightly more restrictive than the option above, any registered user of The Tangled Web will be able to see your Campaign.
    • Campaign Members - Only the Members of the Campaign will be able to see it.

    When it comes to the options for who is able to post in your Campaign,
    • Campaign Members - Only Campaign Members can post in your Campaign.
    • Campaign Members and Registered Users - any member of The Tangled Web can post in your Campaign. If your Campaign is set up so that only Members can see it but anyone can post in it, you likely won't get many posts by non-Campaign Members, but if a TTW user is directly linked to your Campaign, then they will be able to see it and they will have the ability to post.

    You can change any of these setting at any time after you create your Campaign, so you might set them one way during recruitment and then change them when the recruitment is finished.

    For Campaign Topic Options, we recommend you just leave it as it's set by default unless you really want to look over everything before allowing it to be posted.

    Subscriber Requests handles players that want to get notified whenever there's a new post in your Campaign. Checking this allows them to Subscribe without any input from you. Keep in mind that currently only the Campaign Members may (ask to) Subscribe to your Campaign.

    The Default Post Options are pretty self-explanatory.

    With Add Moderator, if you have someone who wants to run your Campaign alongside you, you can add them here.

    With Invite Members, if you already know the players you want in your Campaign and don't need to run a recruitment, you can send them invitations here. Otherwise, you might return to this area anytime to invite players to Join the Campaign (if you've set the campaign type to "Invite only", for example).

    Once you're finished, click the "Publish" button. You now have a new, empty game.

    If you need to start a recruitment, click on the "+ New Topic" button, give it a recruitment name, write the body, and make sure to assign the "recruitment" and "open" tags to the topic down in the tags section near the bottom before you finish. That last part is very important. It's what makes the topic appear in the actively recruiting section of threads. Also, don't forget to remove those tags as well whenever recruitment is over.

    If you click on the "Edit campaign icon" button, you can choose an icon for your campaign. And if you click on the little cog icon below that, that's how you can return to the Campaign Settings area to change those settings anytime in the future.