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    Gundam Project

    This is kind of a side-project I'm working on (actually have been working on for some time, just keep getting distracted from it). Don't know if I'll get around to running it even when it's complete, but I thought I'd post it to kind of keep track of things.

    I used to play in futuristic homebrew game called Space Armada. I don't remember the actual GM's name for it, he always went by Quatre or Desperado Nightwind, but his game really inspired me and is what originally plunged me into the anime series known as Mobile Suit: Gundam (as well as several others like Outlaw Star and Cowboy Beebop).

    For those who don't know what MS: Gundam is, think Mech Warriors. Far into the future, earth moved it's burgeoning population into the stars and founded colonies. Break down of relations eventually spawned wars and new weapons started to emerge. One of the pivotal weapons were Mobile Suits, giant robotic suits that could be piloted by one or a few people to do menial tasks. They originally started out as engineering prototypes and were often used to do menial tasks such as space port construction and transportation.

    Eventually they were modified to become war machines, wielding large guns, heat-based melee weapons, and other support objects such as grenades. It wasn't until the first Gundam came along that things really started to change. The Gundam was a state-of-the-art Mobile Suit with Gundamium alloy and wielded a variety of beam-based weapons, putting it far above the capabilities of normal mobile suits.

    From this anime spawned many offshoots, the most recent and popular being Gundam SEED as well as the older and more recognizable Gundam Wing.

    My idea for a game spawns off of this concept and I've thought up several ways to go about it:

    1) Mobile Suit: Gundam Academy - Players are greenhorn pilots who have been sent to a Mobile Suit Academy for training.

    2) Mobile Suit: Gundam, Final Century - A basic group-based team of pilots fight their way along a storyline on a quest to save the galaxy.

    3) Mobile Suit: Gundam, Galaxy - A larger scale, more complex game with several factions. Players join a faction and the game unfolds around them.

    Now onto schematics. I've done a few Mobile Suit Games in the past and what I found that players enjoyed most was the ability to customize their suits, so that, undoubtedly, will be part of the game. First off, there is MS Classifications. Here's my short list. Note- this list is subject to change and expansion over the course of the game and possibly even more after the game is finished:

    Class A - Basic mass production, stock mobile suits.
    • Zaku I
    • Zaku II
    • Gouf
    • Leo
    • GM
    • Dom/Rick Dom
    • Z-Gok
    • Virgo
    • Aries

    Class B - Moderate mass production, stock mobile suits.
    • Gelgoog
    • Gyan
    • Jegan
    • Taurus
    • Nemo
    • GM Sniper
    • Geara Doga
    • Marasai

    Class C - Light mass production, stock mobile suits. (Gundam Mk-II)
    • Guncannon
    • Guntank
    • Gundam Mass Production Type
    • GM II
    • Serpent

    Class D - Ace pilot suits.
    • Quebeley
    • The O
    • Kaempfer
    • Tallgeese I
    • Tallgeese II
    • Tallgeese III
    • Palace Athene
    • Hyaku Shiki
    • Sazabi
    • Jadg Doga
    • Re-GZ
    • Zeong
    • Vayeate
    • Mercurius
    • GM Blue Destiny Unit

    Class E - Low-Class Gundam
    • Gundam
    • Gundam Mk II
    • Gundam "Alex"
    • Gundam F91
    • Gundam EZ-8
    • Gundam "Zephyranthes"
    • Gundam "Physalis"
    • Gundam "Mudrock"
    • Strike Gundam
    • Aegis Gundam
    • Buster Gundam
    • Blitz Gundam

    Class F - High-Class Gundam
    • Zeta Gundam
    • Double Zeta Gundam
    • Wing Gundam
    • Deathscythe Gundam
    • Sandrock Gundam
    • Shenlong Gundam
    • Heavy Arms Gundam
    • Epyon Gundam
    • Hydra Gundam

    Class G - Custom-Class Gundam
    • Nu Gundam
    • Infinite Justice Gundam
    • Strike Freedom Gundam
    • Destiny Gundam
    • Burning Gundam
    • Master Gundam
    • Wing Zero
    • Sandrock Kai
    • Heavy Arms Kai
    • Nataku Gundam
    • Deathscythe Hell

    In addition, there will also be Mobile Armors, Fighters, and even Star Ships if I feel up to letting players pilot those as well.

    Now for a breakdown of parts. Here's my list. Keep in mind it's just a basic list and probably subject to expansion:

    • Main Camera
    • Weapon Slot (Minor, Optional)

    • Attack Rating
    • Unarmed Damage
    • Weapon Slot (Minor, Optional)

    • Extra Armor (Optional)
    • Extra Thruster (Optional)
    • Weapon Slot (Minor-Moderate, Optional)

    • Cockpit
    • Systems
    • 1-2 Weapon Slots (Minor, Optional)

    • Base Walk/Run Speed
    • Base Manuverability
    • Extra Thruster (Optional)
    • Weapon Slot (Minor, Optional)

    Back - Energy Generator, Primary Thrusters, Backpack (Optional)
    • Energy Generator
    • Primary Thruster
    • Pack (Optional)

    I'll continue to update, but for now, lets see what you think of it so far.
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    Outline and Basic Scratch-Pad

    Pilot Statistics
    Physical statistic, helps to modify Out-Of-Suit melee damage as well as stamina. Also helps in strength-based tasks including lifting, pushing, dragging, ect.

    Reaction based statistics, helps modify a variety of pilotings capabilities including accuracy and reflexes both in and out of a suit.

    Physical statistic, helps modify pilots ability to avoid damage by increasing reflexes and also has a great deal of out of suit uses including stealth.

    Physical statistics, helps to modify player's health and energy levels. Also has several out of suit uses including resistance to toxins, ect.

    Mental statistic, helps to modify piloting capabilities as well as various intelligence based tasks out of combat, such as knowledge of computer systems and other such needs.

    Personal statistic, helps to modify pilot intuition situations such as predicting enemy movements. Also has a variety of social uses.

    Combat/Sub Statistics
    Players ability to hit the target (Coordination + Experience)

    General level of piloting capabilities. (Coordination + Intelligence)

    Pilot's personal health level. When this reaches 0, you're dead. (Stamina + X%)

    Pilots personal energy level. (Strength + Stamina)

    Pilots inherent ability to avoid damage and attacks. (Agility + Coordination)

    Piloting Classes
    Your run-of-the-mill cadet or basic all-purpose fighting pilot.
    • +X Stamina (Low)
    • +X Strength (Low)
    • +X to Melee To Hit (Moderate)
    • +X to Ranged To Hit (Moderate)
    • +X% to Health (High)

    An expert at melee combat, specializes in the use of close-range weapons like unarmed combat and melee weaponry.
    • +X Agility (Moderate)
    • +X Stamina (Low)
    • +X to Melee To Hit (High)
    • +X to Ranged To Hit (Low)
    • +X% to Health (Moderate)

    An expert at ranged combat, specializes in the use of long range weaponry such as rifles and cannons.
    • +X Coordination (Moderate)
    • +X Stamina (Low)
    • +X to Melee To Hit (Low)
    • +X to Ranged To Hit (High)
    • +X% to Health (Moderate)

    A tech head with excellent mechanical capabilities, focuses on skills such as repairing and enhancement.
    • +X Intelligence (Moderate)
    • +X Experience (Moderate)
    • +X to Melee To Hit (Low)
    • +X to Ranged To Hit (Low)
    • +X% to Health (Low)
    • Special Tech Ability

    An evolved form of human with the capability to reach out and connect with the minds of others.
    • +X Experience (High)
    • +X Coordination (Low)
    • +X to Melee To Hit (Moderate)
    • +X to Ranged To Hit (Moderate)
    • +X% to Health (Low)

    Cyber Newtype

    A genetically enhanced form of human that draws on precise calculation and systematic variables to achieve results.
    • +X Intelligence (High)
    • +X Stamina (Low)
    • +X to Melee To Hit (Moderate)
    • +X to Ranged To Hit (Moderate)
    • +X% to Health (Low)

    Pilot Skills
    Combat Skills
    Melee Combat Skills
    • Proficiency: Fist - Skill Level + Accuracy + Misc
    • Proficiency: Axe - Skill Level + Accuracy + Misc
    • Proficiency: Sword - Skill Level + Accuracy + Misc
    • Proficiency: Whip - Skill Level + Accuracy + Misc
    • Proficiency: Pole-Arm - Skill Level + Accuracy + Misc

    Ranged Combat Skills
    • Proficiency: Pistol - Skill Level + Accuracy + Misc
    • Proficiency: Rifle - Skill Level + Accuracy + Misc
    • Proficiency: Sniper Rifle - Skill Level + Accuracy + Misc
    • Proficiency: Shotgun - Skill Level + Accuracy + Misc
    • Proficiency: Cannon - Skill Level + Accuracy + Misc ((MS Only))
    • Proficiency: Mounted (Small) - Skill Level + Accuracy + Misc ((MS Only))
    • Proficiency: Mounted (Light) - Skill Level + Accuracy + Misc ((MS Only))
    • Proficiency: Mounted (Heavy) - Skill Level + Accuracy + Misc ((MS Only))
    • Proficiency: Funnels - Skill Level + Accuracy + Misc ((MS Only))

    Defensive Combat Skills
    • Dodging - Skill Level + Reflex + Misc

    Non-combat Skills
    • Athletics - Skill Level + Agility + Misc
    • Communication - Skill Level + Experience + Misc
    • Computer Operation - Skill Level + Intelligence + Misc
    • Deception - Skill Level + Experience + Misc
    • Device Operation - Skill Level + Intelligence + Misc
    • Knowledge - Skill Level + Intelligence + Misc
    • Maintenance - Skill Level + Intelligence + Misc
    • Observation - Skill Level + Experience + Misc
    • Stealth - Skill Level + Agility + Misc
    • Vehicle Operation - Skill Level + Coordination + Misc
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        So giant robot suits finally invaded TTW. I was wondering where they have been...
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          well depending on the mobile suit i would be willing to join, it quite easy to make a mobile suit pilot and thus i could help you out with some of that stats. Example I would prefer to play the MS-18E Kampfer, or else the RX-79[G] Ez-8 Gundam from 08th MS-Team. i also know a sight that can bring up all the information you need on mobile suits just request it and you shall receive. Like the Kampfer though, it is a prototype heavy assault mobile suit. Ez-8 for example is a prototype of the normal Rx-79.
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            Good to see some interest. I have been helping Loki out with the system.

            If you would link the site that would be most helpful. While I have watch my fair share of the various Series it has been awhile.

            Right now we are looking at doing a component based Mobile Suit system where you can make your own custom suits, and have certain configuration represent standard mobile suits.

            At least that is the plan for now.


              making your own mobile is like making your own Armored core unit, there is enough mobile suits that you can modify them, i would wait on that until you acually have more people and then start that process. this is the site it has all the mobile suit series or well most of them, and it nearly has every mobile suit posted upon the site so ya enjoy and hit me up when you think you can have this prepared


                We are not at that point yet, but the basic idea is that by going with a component based system we give more variety for less work.

                Basically we can build 20 Mobile suits and that gives 20 option for players

                But, then instead of 20 Mobile Suits we break those suits into 2 group of 10 components, and you end up with a lot more options for player for roughly the same amount of work invested. Plus you still have the option to create those 20 mobile suits, since they are just a particular configuration of those components.

                Currently we are looking at 6 different component slots for your Mobile Suit.


                  Yes indeed, I love this site, I used to frequent it a lot when I made my prior versions. I used pictures from it to splice together mobile suits and recolor them as well. Lots of good detail and info there. Thanks for posting it back up

                  For now as far as starting suits, depending on which if the three game types, you'll probably receive credits or a salary which you can use to buy suits and pieces. It's very likely that everyone will start with a stock suit, but over the course of the game, you can buy a new suit and customize it to your liking. Again, it will depend greatly on which of the three concepts I go with.

                  As for how many component parts, there will likely be more than just 6, the list I have up on the first post is just a rough draft and there will likely be several more implements down the road. The ability to customize your suit will be a very core process in the game. Giving the pilot the ability to modify his or her suit makes for more interesting and unique game I believe.


                    Well in that case, it would be easy for me, just keep the MS-18E and modify the armor for Titanium alloy, that really about it. and good to know someone knows the site ^^ as well I like keeping things simple so i will just modify a MS on the site.


                      I think Loki hit the nail on the head the idea is that for example that

                      MS-18E is comprised of components X,Y, And Z

                      And the

                      MS-14A is comprised of Components A, B, and C

                      That would be the stock option, but you could make a custom Mobile Suit with components, X, B, Z or A, Y, Z and so on.

                      This would also allow the system to represent you upgrading the Suit as well as you start out with X, Y, Z but upgrade/modify to X, Y, C.

                      Does that make sense?
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                        somewhat, that would mean XYZ are just random mobile parts so i can just choose whichever parts would be deemable for the suit and or fit the mobile suits spec range. If i am wrong just throw a really good example at me, I am having an off day today so not on all cylinders.


                          Here's how I'm planning on having it work:

                          A pilots Piloting stat will be similar to a Tech Level in the sense that you must meet a MS part's Pilot requirement before you can use it. Secondly, "Stock" refers to a MS's main torso area where the Cockpit is located. This is the only real part of the MS that you cannot customize. Beyond that, most MS parts will be interchangeable, meaning as long as you meet the requirements, you can put said part on your MS. Think of this as a giant, violent Mr. Potato Head.


                          I'm Piloting a basic Zaku II, but I want to customize the shoulder pieces. I remove the basic Zaku II shoulder parts and replace them with the high mobility shoulder-mounted thrusters of a Kaempfer. Now instead of having an armor boost from the Zaku shoulder shield, I have faster and more versatile Zaku II.

                          Example II:

                          I'm Piloting a basic Zaku II, but I have just obtained a pair of Dom Legs. Zaku legs are relatively basic, but their perk is that they are light-weight. Dom legs are made for high mobility gliding, but are heavier. The trade off here is that my suit becomes heavier, which normally makes it slower, but with the added thrust from the Dom's legs, it becomes faster and can now hold heavier armaments.

                          Most things will work in a basic trade-off system. Most parts will have obvious benefits whereas others may have more intricate ones that may give you a run for your money when you try to decide between the two.

                          Also as a secondary note, we're going to have a crafting system, which may allow for pilots themselves to create perfectly customized, never-seen before mobile suits, parts, and weapons for their suits. This part is rather in depth, though, so we'll probably save it for much later.
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                            ok well that is understandable. However... It does not exclude the fact that the armor for the Kampfer is Titanium Ceramic composite thus making it a good MS but getting rid of the composite armor is the trouble, then again though it seems to me that the only thing i really need to update is the pilot systems for it as well leg components, arms, and chest rotation with head rotation components to which make to be a versatile heavy assault mobile suit as well making it to the modern age type of suits. So loggically it can acually take on say like Wing gundam even though being its older type it now has the modifications to take on such a mobile suit or Raiser from 00 making the Kampfer a unit to be reconded with, but that would mean it would have to find system parts able to fit a zeonic mobile suit. OK well here i will tell you my MS is going to be a Kampfer, an as well a little add to your game, let everyone pick up to two mobile suits to start with so that they are not stuck to one type and let them explore another type of mobile suit.


                              While it doesn't seem logical that a Zaku could take on a Gundam, it is fully possible because most things are derived directly from the Pilot himself. Mobile Suits do not gain levels, and part stats do not increase much either, and thus it is up to the Pilot. All that the MS itself will do is enhance the pilot's rolls and, of course, help determine a significant amount of combat.

                              Thus, if a highly skill pilot in a Zaku takes on a green horn pilot in Wing Zero, then the Zaku pilot will have the edge. However, you also have to determine factors. A stock Wing Zero will come with the ZERO system, which greatly enhances pilot ability, but unless they are highly skilled and strong willed, the ZERO system can, indeed, shatter their mind because it in itself is too much for any normal human being to handle. You also have to factor in suit restrictions too. As I said before, the Torso is one of the deciding factors of a suit and it will aid in determining how high of a tech level it can handle. A basic unmodified Zaku suit, for instance, will not be able to handle even a Psicommu System (funnels), let along a ZERO system of it's own. And again, your Pilot Level will determine tech.

                              I'm currently running through my mind which of the two variations of Tech Levels I want to do.
                              1.) Each piece has it's own level of Tech, similar to a video game where a Sword requires that the character have X strength to use.
                              2.) Only the Suit itself has a tech level, but each part adds in a +X to that tech level. If you don't have a high enough Piloting to meet the tech level, you can't pilot the suit or have to find a lower-tech piece to replace it with until you can.

                              My opinion favors #2. What do you think?

                              To answer that last part, I haven't decided how I'm going to distribute suits at the beginning yet, but giving players several suits to choose from is one of the many choices. The others include just giving them money and letting them buy pieces from there so that they start right out with a custom suit OR giving them up to 3 suits and letting them pick pieces from which suit they want to make their final suit.
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