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The Tangled Web Oneshot Writing Challenge- 2021 National Novel Writing Month

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    The Tangled Web Oneshot Writing Challenge- 2021 National Novel Writing Month


    Welcome to the The Tangled Web Oneshot writing challenge. As we are a tabletop RPG community, instead of a novel, we’re hosting a oneshot/ short adventure writing challenge. Here are the rules.
    1. The Adventure should be able to be completed in between 1 to 3 reasonable length (about 3 hours) Sessions.
    2. The Adventure must contain at least one explorable location. This does not need to be a literal dungeon, as locations like enchanted forests or old mines can also fill this role.
    3. The Adventure should include at least one town or village with a minimum of 5 NAMED NPCs.
    4. The Adventure should be targeted for the level 1-5 range
    5. There is no restriction on system. You can write for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder or any other system of your choice
    6. In the spirit of NaNoWriMo, All writing and basic designing should be done between 00:00 Monday, November 1 local time and 23:59 Tuesday, November 30. Editing can be done after that point.
    7. Because of the variable conditions of writing a short adventure, a project will be counted as a “Win” if it meets the following conditions. (A). Your project has a clear beginning, middle, and end that logically flow together. (B) Your project adheres to the challenge guidelines. Winners will receive a small digital asset in recognition. Like a banner or avatar or something. Participants, those that at least began their project, even if they did not finish, will still receive an asset.
    8. Collaboration is allowed. If several people worked on the same project in a writing capacity, please denote all involved parties and their contributions. Beta readers and people that merely gave advice do not count.
    9. When sharing your project, use one of the following formats: PDF, Google Doc, or Microsoft Office. You must give your project a title and include the author or authors’ names. There is no restriction on internal formatting.
    10. All submitted projects will be posted to The Tangled Web forum for critique and reading. If there’s enough interest, we may compile all of the projects into one pdf.
    11. OPTIONAL. We encourage the use of at least one classic monster, such as a gelatinous cube, owlbear, or some form of dragon.

    IF you’re interested, please reply to this post. I (Lake) will keep track of who has entered. I would also appreciate if you would give your project a title at least temporarily.