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A case in favor of homebrew

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    A case in favor of homebrew

    Hear me out here.
    There are two types of rpg campaigns:
    The ever popular published campaigns/adventures and the homebrew ones.
    What it basically comes down to is that playing a published thing is exactly like playing a computer rpg. You can tackle encounters in many different ways, fill in silences with char motivations and conversations... But nothing you do will ever change the outcome of the story, or change the world in any way.
    To me, this is the entire thing that is NOT the purpose of playing an rpg.
    But what's worse, is because d&d has become so mainstream these days there is a growing consensus that the published things are the "right" way of playing d&d. And homebrew is getting a bad name because of it with many many players pulling up their noses at homebrew campaigns.

    Which is a real shame because it presents the only chance you have to play a game in which you really are free and able to affect the story and world significantly.

    More homebrew!
    - Executor Divine Katharina Durmond - Rise of the Runelords
    - Sharn Blighter - The Inheritance

    I’ve run both; I’ve played in both.

    I’ve had fun running and playing in both too.

    But if I had to choose only one, I’d choose homebrew.


      And allowing people to choose which one they prefer is what's most important anyway.


        I'm not sure I could have said it any better than Ra.

        I've played in both and ran both. I've enjoyed running and playing both.

        But Homebrew? Homebrew is where its at.

        And, speaking of... Shameless Plug.... Go Check the Recruitments. ;)
        "Ho there wanderer... Stay thy course a moment to indulge an old man." ~Elminster, BG1, just outside Candlekeep

        For Evil to triumph, all good men must do is nothing. The corollary to that proverb is that sometimes evil must be done by honorable men for the greater good to triumph. ~Twilight Warriors