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    For the last two months, I've finally gotten around to reading The Expanse books. I'm just finishing book 6 now and excited to start book 7 because six is where the show ended. That means, pretty darn soon, I'll actually be experiencing the proper end of this story for the first time. Good stuff. :)


      Who can recommend a book... how should i put this...
      lets see...

      Fantasy (obviously)
      Steampunk (the whole deal.. machines, gadgets, victorian era outfits mixed with weird gizmos... tall hats, goggles, vests, corsets, canes & swords.. the whole shebang! )
      Not scared of R rated, as long as it is tasteful and not the point of the story.
      Maybe the story isn't about "the power of love" & "a kiss would raise a dead loved one".
      With well written characters, scenery & dialogs.
      Characters arcs!!!

      Ideally a loooong read. A couple of books at least?

      Here's hoping..


        That's really specific, K, but hey, at least you know what you want!

        How about the Grisha trilogy, starting with Shadow and Bone?


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          Nice.. i ll take a look! Thnx :)

        • RaistlinMC
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          Anytime! There are few things in this world I like doing more than recommending books to people. :)

        Just finished The Priory of the Orange Tree. Good, good stuff! A full blown epic fantasy in an all-new world, somehow condensed down into one single book. I'm a fan!