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IC & GP - Training Grounds & Arena

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    IC & GP - Training Grounds & Arena

    Ok... the idea...
    no embellishments, no lore, no reasons...
    just the idea...

    There is the Arena.
    Champions visit to test their mettle, hone their skills and try those new spells.

    They appear before the Arena Manager and they reach their 1st decision.
    "Would you like to compete against another Champion of equal level?
    Or, should i interest you in a fight with an exotic monster?
    There are options to choose; We can summon a monster of your abilities
    or even send you to its native terrain."

    Players may create a Character starting at lvl3.
    They can level up in the "Monster Arena" or just have fun in the "Champion Arena" (no xp here).
    There would be choices of which monster they fight, as they will be provided with a few options
    according to their level.

    You can always create a character of higher level, to "test" him in combat.
    You saw that Utube video about a 1.000.000 dmg in 1 round rogue?
    Come and test him/her in the arena!
    You don't like him? Just roll another character...

    You always heard your friends talking about a beholder/dragon/kraken/Tarasque fight?
    Join the arena, summon your dinner & experience it for yourself.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    I'm not saying i want to run this.
    But wouldn't be awesome?
    At the bare minimum, the community would be able to try those "OP builds" without messing with
    the DM's story. At best? Players from other fora will visit TTW to try builds or even take part in
    PvP tournaments.

    Just sharing the idea.

    It is (undoubtedly) intriguing, K.