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Are indie systems welcome here?

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    Are indie systems welcome here?

    Hi everyone - so I’m new here and actually new to pbp entirely. Never played let alone ran a game pbp. So I’m just gonna jump in and give it a go I guess but wanted to gauge first if anyone would be up for indulging me in playing a game I literally just released today?

    It’s a very simple d20 based system set in a post apocalyptic future filled with weird animal hybrids, which you play as. The playtests have been super fun and very silly, so I’d imagine that vibe would carry over to here but not really sure how RL gaming vibes translate in pbp.

    Here’s the itch page if you wanna see what I’m talking about:
    I've also been photoshopping animals together for my playtester characters, so would likely do the same for any players here.

    Would something like this be of interest here or are people more into the more established games?
    Nature has taken over - play as bizarre animal hybrids in this super-simple rules-light tabletop game!

    Yes! All systems are welcome here at TTW!

    That said, we currently only have character sheets for DnD and Pathfinder, so please keep that in mind. But the forums and dice roller work just as well with indie systems as with the bigger ones!


      Good to hear :) fortunately this system really doesn't require character sheets in any formal manner. This is what my PCs looked like in the last playtest:


        I think we can all handle that anyway. Haha :)

        Good to have you here, bud! Always nice to see the folks I interact with on Twitter make their way over here! Cheers, happy gaming and welcome to TTW!