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GMs willing to run one-shots and their favored systems

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    GMs willing to run one-shots and their favored systems

    Hey all! I'm Ra. I've been a site member and PbP player for over a decade and I've been playing role-playing games for thirty of my thirty-seven years.

    I'm officially offering myself up to GM a one-shot in any of the following systems: Pathfinder 1e, DnD 5e or Swords and Wizardry (old-school DnD clone).

    Anyone interested? Let's roll some dice. :monk:

    And I'm Drew. Hi. I can teach you how to play D&D 5e. Send me a PM and we'll see if we can get a session going.


      I'm Sober. I usually play D&D 3.5e and PF, but can probably swing a game of Microlite or D&D 5e as well. Send me a PM and we can see about putting together a game.
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        Hello All,

        I am brand new to this site. I am delighted to see there is a one-shot intro area here. I would make myself available for anyone who is interested in a short one-shot with the Hero System, either Champions (modern superhero genre) or Fantasy Hero (you guessed it, Fantasy).

        Hero System was very popular a few years back, but has fallen to a niche audience as of late. It is a very crunchy system, and is good if you want a very detailed feel of combat options, power design, and general character construction. It is rules-heavy, and very involved, but once you get all of that initial stuff out of the way, the system runs pretty smoothly.

        For any one-shots I will be providing character sheets with pre-made characters. This way we can go right into the game. The various abilities, skills, and stats will be explained as needed during the game, so you can focus on learning the basic system.

        Best to you all. =)


          Sounds very cool, MrKinster! Thanks for offering up your services for such a cool system!

          To be honest, though, I think you're more likely to get responses from folks if you post your idea as a Game Ad in the "Looking for Players" section rather than here. I find that our community looks to those open game ads much more often than they do to this thread. Let me know if I can help any further or if you need any help! Cheers and happy gaming here at TTW :)

          - Mike


            Thanks Mike,

            I'll take a look at Game Ads area. Admittedly, I am not looking to run a full fledged campaign, but more of one-shot intros.

            Let's see what I find.


              One shots work too! Not as common in PbP but when they do show up, they can be very successful, as this medium is far slower than sitting 'round the table together, admittedly.