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    This is created strictly as a background synopsis for a homebrewed campaign. NPC's have purposely been left unmentioned to be filled in by the DM.
    When you are born, you can't imagine what will be until you finally get there, by then it is sometimes too late.
    The one thing you forget, is the one thing that could save your life."
    ~ Thaidyn Shadowind


    Thellusia. A world long forgotten by the Gods, erased from history, and thought to have disappeared ages ago through what is known as the Terra-Rhipp: a temporal rift through time & space that destroyed the lands and wiped its history clean from existence.

    It is said that many books of old tell the story of this once and prosperous balanced world, however only two has recently been discovered by a small band of adventurers. This is its tale thus far…

    It began with a great war between 6 Gods that lasted for 6 months and 6 days, for one reason: Ultimate Supremacy. Three Gods of evil executed a scheme that would give them complete control over all the lands and seas, binding their dark beliefs together while focusing on a more powerful plan: an all out astronomical uprising, Evil would soon rule more than just these realms and their surrounding neighbors. Their first step was to remove all threats around Thellusia, but Pandora’s Box had already been opened. Three adversaries had heard of this villainous intent and intervened, but as it turned out however; powerful magic mixed with high emotions destroyed them, the Terra-Rhipp was initialized and the world was sent 100,000 years back in time.

    Many Gods had believed that Thellusia was left uncivilized, and after countless excursions - it was determined that the world was lifeless, forever damaged due to the war. But magic sometimes has strange properties behind it...

    Soon before the war, an old and powerful seer foresaw a prophecy brought forth from the Gods, one that was inevitable and would soon see the desecration of Thellusia. This prophet had summoned many priests and clerics of various species from all over the lands to help with a solution to this problem. Her plan: to cast upon the world a rare and most powerful magic that would prevent it from slipping into extinction. Every living entity on Thellusia would be laid to rest and preserved; and after many years - regeneration would take its course and all would be as it once was. Some opposed the idea saying that it was tampering with fate and the will of the Gods, others saw it as hope for continuance, and there were those that believed that the prophecy was ridiculously ludicrous.

    Nonetheless,* the events the seer foretold took place and her plans were carried out.

    But not all things go as planned…

    When the world finally awakened, it was left in a state of oppression. For most species, their faiths grew cold then soon diminished; the Gods no longer answered their prayers or even acknowledged their existence anymore, so in thinking that they were abandoned, they gave up their religions and developed their own beliefs. The Seer and her counterparts were thought by many to have performed a duty of villainous intent, and so – they were sought out and executed. Still, others believed in the prophecy and remained faithful to the old ways.

    Many centuries later, a dark God* discovered this lost world and took it upon himself to put it under investigation. To his amusement, he found it inhabited - lacking any other Gods present. With the loyalty of some lesser gods, many of his followers, as well as his minions, he eventually began to dominate the lands and conquer the world.

    Still, other things do lurk in shadows....

    Another God discovered such intent and decided to look into Thellusia once again. He had found that this great evil had already erupted through the world and was already spreading throughout. Wondering whether there was a chance at bringing “life” back to these oppressed lands, he traveled incognito, and after an extensive journey, found those that still held true to the "old ways".

    What he discovered and recounted, was this…

    Created 1000 years ago, a law was written that all humanoids be magically sustained to the continents with major professions, kingdoms, and enforcements taken up by the larger and most powerful races. However, a few managed to escape the tyranny; these were the last remnants of free humanoids, some even developing lycanthropy.

    Savage beasts have become the nobility, while Humans, Elves, Dwarfs, Halflings and Gnomes are often put into slavery and sold into arena fighting. Their beliefs of former glory are said only to be that of legend, but there is... as in all things good, bad, or indifferent...still hope.

    Many lands are in turmoil, some continents are in complete ruin, but 1 kingdom stands alone, Daemus Rhulle: ruling over the largest populated of an entire continent, not out of choice, but out of necessity. It has struggled many years to keep true to the old ways, and has prevailed in a long and weary war from allowing such beasts within Thellusia to forcefully claim it. They have only one desire – to bring back that which has been lost.

    However, the war has only begun… and as the war begins to form, never before known factions arise. The Gods, once again, watch and take note…