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[Interest Check] 5e, Dark Ages, Zero Magic, Oppressive Theocracy

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    [Interest Check] 5e, Dark Ages, Zero Magic, Oppressive Theocracy

    Greetings Tangled Web spinners...

    I'm thinking of creating a new campaign;
    As per title, the setting will be highly inspired from the Dark Ages.
    Arcana does not exist.
    Religion is the only authority.
    Science is prohibited.
    Any sign of deviation from The Religion is considered as heresy of demonic practices at best,
    and it is punished by exemplary acts of execution.

    The heroes of the story (players) come from the social cast of commoners,
    each already under scrutiny by the local authorities;
    each for a different and mundane reason, as petty theft, insubordination or just because someone
    unjustly accused them of "weird" acts or practices, or even leading an immodest life.

    As I see it at this time, rogues, fighters, barbarians are fair game.
    Classes with spellcasting abilities are not banned or prohibited, BUT,
    expect to be hunted down by mobs of guards, commoners and even members of the clergy,
    in the slightest suspicion of possessing such "devilish" powers.
    Even if you decide to be a cleric of The Religion! , expect political enemies going after you, if you manage
    to create rumors of being "too good" on your faith.
    If you want a challenge.. be a druid.. i dare you! You end up on the pyre.

    Now.. about races...
    Everything else will land you in trouble more or less.
    I mean.. a half elf, if extremely careful might pass as a human.
    A dwarf, an elf or a halfling would be considered an abomination. A foul birth at best that as common would
    be ridiculed, discredited or even attacked on sight.
    I wont even mention orcs & tieflings...
    You are free to pick ANY race from PhB, but consider yourself warned.
    I mean really... if you want a guiness record of the most short lived D&D character pick a tiefling druid.

    What would be "safe" to expect?
    Roleplaying your way in or out of situations.
    Combat will involve mostly running away of guards, the Inquisition, fanatic commoners.
    Urban & Wilderness Survival.

    What you "should" expect?
    Encounters with shady people, be that criminals, heretics, or even hired "professionals".

    The story would start on a particularly cold & gloomy morning, in a rather big town.
    The church's bell has already gathered a crowd at the main square where in a couple of hours
    there will be, like every Sunday, Inquisition Trials & executions.

    Does this idea sounds interesting?
    Should i devote the time to put on black & white the story?

    I'm always up for an interesting RP opportunity, so it sounds interesting to me. I'd be pushing those boundaries, though. Druid or Cleric, right here.


      Definitely sounds interesting. Seems like martial classes would be everywhere you look. Is it a war-like world? How often do people fight each other? What is the creature threat? How often do people fight monsters?


        Originally posted by Drew View Post
        Is it a war-like world?
        There are warfronts, but for the greater part, and unless characters actively try to go there, the story would be far from major warfronts.
        Originally posted by Drew View Post
        How often do people fight each other?
        Depends on many things... location, circumstances, etc...
        But let's say that since there is very difficult to investigate a crime, most perps get away with it, and many innocents are executed
        Originally posted by Drew View Post
        What is the creature threat? How often do people fight monsters?
        EXTREMELY low...


          I have some interest... If little time at the moment to fully dive into it. But would magic have dramatic visual effects or could someone get by with more subtle magic?

          In explanation of what I'm asking: Fireball obviously is pretty magical and draws attention, but what about casting an illusion are there 'magic effects' that appear making it obvious that you cast it? Similarly with something like suggestion, could you do suggestion in front of guards? If that's not clear, basically what I'm asking is: Does all magic have outward physical signs (lights, auditory cues, odd swirling of the dust at your feet) or could a clever spellcaster keep it under wraps?


            I am very interested at the thought of a whole class of people who live dangerously by attempting to sneakily use magic in plain sight.


              If you can find a spell without Verbal or Somatic component, you may cast at will, as long as there are no easily discernable effects and you are not the only possible perpetrator.
              But then again... think about this..
              you walk outside a tavern. there is a fight inside. the guards arrive, and search everyone present including you.
              they find your component pouch and ask you what that is. An nosy bystander "Karen" yells "these are demonic tools!"
              Have any idea how they tested if you were a witch or not back then?


                If I did do a spellcaster it would be illusion and compulsion magic most-likely, possibly arcane trickster route. Charm you with a smile or a spell ;) . I'd have to look into the feasibility of disguised components... or at least hidden ones.

                EDIT: Yes, witches were not well received...
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