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    Hello everyone nice to meet you. So im not new here but its been many years since ive been here. mostly life just getting in the way. Ive played in 3.5 and Pathfinder on and off over the years and last year started playing 5th. Even DMed a game for a little bit till once again life got in the way for both me and the players. Ive been missing the game when i refound the site from my bookmarks. So here i am looking to play some games and make new friends


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    Well, it's good to have you back, then, ShinyApocalypse.

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    Yes indeed, welcome back! I think I remember that screenname from half a decade back or so.

    Good luck hopping into a game or even running one if you're up for it! TTW always needs more players and GMs, especially of the 3.5/PF/5e variety.

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    Hi Shiny. Iím new around here, but itís good to see you return.

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    welcome back!


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