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Thread: Going Merry - Searching for treasure in the grim darkness of the far future

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    Quote Originally Posted by keldree View Post
    there's no time like the present right?
    Indeed. Concerning races, here's the deal: I want the party to have a minimum of two humans, because that's what makes sense in this setting. Thus, if we have two players, they must both be humans: if we have three, one can be an alien, if we have four two can be aliens etc etc. So the way I see it, you and Shadow should discuss things among yourselves: in the context of the tweaked, Tyranny-like plot structure I discussed in my previous post, having the main dignitary be an Eldar with two human caretakers/bodyguards/people who keep an eye on him works, but of course having the main dignitary be a human with two bodyguards, one of which is an Ork, works too. Orks do make for very effective bodyguards.

    So yeah, both these options work just fine for me: you guys decide which one you want to go for.

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    So, are you guys coming up with any character concepts? Need me to lend you a hand?

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    I'll stick with the human navigator, will work out more specifics later tonight.

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    I looked through a lot of Ork stuff and while the concept is cool I think I'm abandoning it so that I can have a more "classic" introduction to this new gaming system.

    I like the idea of playing an intelligent, knowledge driven character which seems to fall towards Explorator, but given your guidance on how seriously the government takes learning ancient technology I'm not quite sure how that path is meant to be played.

    So my very latest fall back is to try a cheerful human missionary with perhaps an interest in antropology. Are missionaries necessarily healers? He could fit in as a crew doctor?

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    Sure, that can work if you like it. The "glory be to the Emperor" religious connotations MIGHT get in your way tho, make sure you have a pretty good idea from the start of how you want to roleplay this character!

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    Character Basics:

    Career: Navigator (Nomadic House)

    Origin Path: Voidborn - Stubjack - Renenegade (Free Thinker) - Dark Voyage - Pride

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    Career: Missionary
    Origin Path: Imperial World, Child of the Creed, Duty Bound, Calamity, Renown

    The idea I have is for a middle-aged missionary who grew up in a notably (in this world that means something) religious family and ate it up. He feels a duty to help humanity because he has seen some of their hardships through his career. He's drawn to the distant worlds because he wants to be known as a recorder of remote cultures and ultimate convert them all. In my mind he's affable, certain of his own faith, and ultimately planning to convert everyone but not in a huge rush. In his interest in converting he generally tries to first befriend and understand so he is tolerant of smugglers and will turn a blind eye to some activities so as not to alienate his future converts.

    Sound reasonable? I have no idea if these choices are ideal so I'm open to suggestions but unless it's totally unplayable I figure I'll just try things out and see what works.
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    Make him a young idealist who hasn't seen much of the universe. In a setting like this, a middle-aged person who's had a life like the one you described would have seen a number of things that would have challenged his faith, forcing him to become either an even bigger, and thus more bloodthirsty and uncompromising, zealot, or to question his own faith to the point of being tempted by chaos: these are not conjectures, these are things which, if you live past a certain age in this setting, are GUARANTEED to happen... Which is kind of a problem because these two situations (becoming an even bigger zealot/being tempted by chaos) are both quantified, in this system, by full-fledged gameplay mechanics, Insanity and Corruption respectively. So for your story to make sense your character should realistically start with higher Insanity/Corruption score compared to your companions... But no, you're all freshly created level 1 characters, and so you all start with the same scores: see the issue here?

    So yeah, for this reason alone I recommend being young and idealistic, with idealism being your motivation for developing the kind of personality you described. Other than that, everything you have come up with is fine

    So yeah, Shadow: it looks like this guy is going for a human after all, and last time I heard from jflo (hopefully they're still interested?) they were going for a human too. Looks like you can have that Eldar character after all, if you want. Sticking to your current human idea is fine too, of course.

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    Time to take a second look at the Eldar....

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    I am, indeed, still here. I want to make sure I understand where we landed on the Arch-Militant. He was smuggled out of the military, maybe by faking his death, or bribes, or being listed as AWOL, etc., with the help of the Rogue Trader and so he's been left working a sort of indentured servitude? That's what I'm thinking based on everything we've talked about so far. Will wait to see if Shadow chooses a different origin path for her Eldar and we can talk about intersections.

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