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Thread: GMs willing to run one-shots and their favored systems

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    Default GMs willing to run one-shots and their favored systems

    Hey all! I'm Ra. I've been a site member and PbP player for over a decade and I've been playing role-playing games for thirty of my thirty-seven years.

    I'm officially offering myself up to GM a one-shot in any of the following systems: Pathfinder 1e, DnD 5e or Swords and Wizardry (old-school DnD clone).

    Anyone interested? Let's roll some dice.

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    And I'm Drew. Hi. I can teach you how to play D&D 5e. Send me a PM and we'll see if we can get a session going.

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    I'm Sober. I usually play D&D 3.5e and PF, but can probably swing a game of Microlite or D&D 5e as well. Send me a PM and we can see about putting together a game.
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