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Thread: [D&D 5E] Replacements for a long running homebrew campaign

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    Hi TTW,

    Happy new year to all of you. It has been some time since I last posted in the recruitment forum, but here we are.

    We are looking for 1-2 players to fill the existing group in our long-running (since June 2015) high-magic homebrew campaign. We currently have 2 old players (from the initial group) and 1 new player who will join along with whosoever we recruit as replacements from here.

    Setting: The game is about a group of individuals who are somehow stuck on an island surrounded by a magical barrier which prevents anyone who enters it from ever leaving by any means (including magical). Everyone who arrives also loses their memory except for the most recent events that shed some light on how they got there. The island seems to house a lot of secrets and inexplicable things that then provide opportunities to the capable and the curious to explore and figure out ways to escape and also improve life on the island. There is a small village (that has since been reinforced with magical means of creation by the current players) that has been built up by such survivors who shipwrecked on the island or found themselves there by some other means. There are signs of a lost civilization that once called the island their home and seemed to be involved in various magical and religious activities. Their exact purpose, reason for their downfall, etc are not yet fully discovered by the players.

    Where will you join the group: I will provide more information on this as we get some applicants and it may vary based on your character.

    Current party composition: Warlock, Sorcerer, and Fighter (the other new player)

    If you're interested, post here and let me know what kind of a character you're thinking of making. We can work out the specifics and the sheet etc after that but let's get the process started first.
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    Hi Skyvalker,

    The game sounds fun, thanks for opening it up! I was thinking about an elven (drow?) or Teifling Monk. Alternatively perhaps a Bard, Rogue or Ranger.

    Happy to discuss and open to ideas! New to TTW but was on here about 6 years ago. Looking to get back into PBP.

    Thanks for posting!

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    How open are you to 3rd party classes? I'm thinking about a pugilist (by Ben Huffman/Sterling Vermin on DM's Guild... can provide source as needed), maybe as a half-orc or a shifter. Looking at the Dog and Hound archetype that gives me a canine pet. Alternatively, I'm thinking about the scholar class (also by Ben Huffman), theologian archetype, to account for the party's seeming lack of a healer/cleric without going full caster. The race for the scholar would probably be a human, or maybe a vedalken.
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    I have a halfling Outrider character I've been wanting to run with the new-ish unearthed arcana rules for Ranger animal companions. Not nearly as poor as the original beast master ranger, but not as broken as the revised ranger. Figured I'd throw that out there see if its something you'd be interested in working with.

    If you're interested: Personality wise he is less whimsical than most halfling's and more connected to nature and animals. He has an innate tendency to heroics and good, but isn't too prejudiced against anything unless it shows itself as a threat to himself/party or innocents. He is also designed as a strength build and will pit his strength against often larger foes (he has something of a Napoleon complex, and the physical capacity to back it up). His history doesn't matter as much (although I could send it if it matters) due to you mentioning the loss of memory... but generally he has a bit of laidback wanderlust as well as a tendency to seek after rare animals.

    Mechanically he's designed as a mobile-ish front-liner, not quite a tank but between him and his companion they can soak up hits. Ideally has options of getting close and fighting with both him and his mount, but also has the option of 'spring attacking' to keep opponents on toes.

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    Okay, I think we've received 4 potential character submissions and since I am only going to pick a maximum of 2 characters, I'll say that we are good to go for the next stage.

    You may build your characters (and artifacts, if you already have ideas), but ideally, I would like to see the basic character sheets first (everything minus artifact) and then pick 2 among them. Then, we will spend the effort to finalize and fit in the characters into the story.

    Of course, if we end up needing replacements again, I will contact the other applicants who are not among the 2 that are selected finally.

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    On the artifact creation instructions you state "properties from the above list." I'm not sure if I see those properties
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeros View Post
    On the artifact creation instructions you state "properties from the above list." I'm not sure if I see those properties
    Thanks for pointing that out. I have edited the original post so that you can see two new spoiler sections for minor and major properties.

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    I've finished the basics of the sheets for the shifter pugilist and vedalken scholar. The proposed artifacts are in the "Other Notes" sections near the bottom, but I'll put them here as well. I'm really iffy about the power level expected for the proposed buff. I haven't picked my magic items yet, but I have handled my equipment, I think.

    Wolf, the beasthide shifter dog and hound pugilist:

    Zataz, the vedalken theologian scholar:
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    Here are the basics for Felgrim the Wanderer Sympathetic, a feral Tiefling Monk, Way of the Shadow.

    Basically a kung-fu ninja Hellboy with a little Nightcrawler thrown in. Wandering the crooked path of redemption for a eternity of ancestral evil while trying not to eat cute things.

    The Artifact: The Staff of the Night Wind
    Cast (minor and major slot)
    Mage Armor
    Teleportation Circle
    Extra 1d6 Damage (major slot)
    +1 AC (minor slot)
    +2 dex.

    Proposed Buff: The Staff can be played like a flute once attuned. The sound is like a faintly musical wind howl. While being played the staff grants the wielder 1 of the following effects (once per long rest)

    Gaseous Form

    1 Rare Item: Ioun Stone of Reserve
    Uncommon Items: Bag of Tricks (Grey), Deck of Illusions.

    Potion of Fire Breath (uncommon)
    Potion of Greater Healing (uncommon)
    Elixir of Health (rare)

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    Darn feel I missed the boat on this. Was thinking of making an Aasimar Protector monk of the sun soul and had even made the artifact before seeing that this might be closed off.

    I made a sheet and homebrew item on dndbeyond Yun and am linking it here in case there might be room for me.

    Figure the character would be a far traveler from a society made up of Aasimar who train in a specific style of martial arts known as the Radiant Sun style and who will at times go on pilgrimages to aid the other civilizations and experience the world, as well as bring back updates on the broader world. Figure my character would have been a higher ranking member who was sent a vision to travel into the sea and will just have memories of being on the boat during a massive storm.

    For a proposed buff on an artifact I will admit I'm not sure what you are asking for but looking at other examples I would offer the following options:

    1.) Once a day the mantra on the back can be read to restore all the monk's ki as an action.
    2.) Once a day amulet can be used to cast shield of faith on the one attuned to it
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