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Thread: The Adventures of Fistbeard Beardfist

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    Default The Adventures of Fistbeard Beardfist

    Who is Fistbeard Beardfist?

    Good question. Fistbeard Beardfist is the alias of a dwarf with levels in Monk, Ranger, Deepwarden, Fist of the Forest, and Kensai, with the feats Steadfast Determination and Poison Healer. This has allowed him to add his Con to AC twice as two separate bonuses, use his Con in place of Wis as for will saves, heal when resisting poison - including alcohol - and enchant his beard with magical powers.

    He uses his abilities to beat up wand wielding Hextorite monks, sanity defying eldritch abomination, and make fun of elves.
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    "Fistbeard Beardfist"? Why, that's a name I only expect to hear someplace like 4chan.
    I'm slightly intrigued about all this... except the 'hating on elves' bit. I'm an avid elf player myself.

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