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    Default Story

    And there she lies dieing in a pool of blood, in all of her glory. She gasps for air as her body leans towards the darkness of death. Rage still rumbling through her mind, but her limbs do not respond.
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    Default Orc's dinner is served!

    I killed them!
    While you were hiding in the shadows I dove upon them like a net on fish. You should've seen the terror in their eyes! I am amazed, usualy they fight very well, maybe I am getting better?
    I waited behind a tall bush and made sure I was downwind. They rode on their supposed war ponies, but they were easy to kill too. When the middle one of the three were even to me I stepped out and slashed the mounts throat like a stick through sand. With the other hand I reached up and pulled the first one down by his long blond and braided hair. With him at my knees and firmly in my crasp I quickly slit his throat too. Hmmph, I remember them being tougher.
    The pony I had attacked fell dead to the ground and landed upon its rider. He, he,.. it squeeled like a little girl. It quickly backed out and scooted on its aZZ like a Whorg in heat. I took one step over the dead animal and stomped on the riders belly untill his eyes popped out like a bug.
    While I was doing these things, the last one screamed like a pup with out its mother, and tried to ride past. I quickly pulled my javeline and with Hextor's blessing I pierced the coward's spine. It slumped over and fell from the pony with a whimper.
    I have already gutted the others, but I am keeping this one alive until breakfast tomorrow. Keep your hands off it! You can eat the ponies, but I get first taste of the dead elves!

    I thought they were tougher? Hmmph!

    Mikey [smilie=ebil-thumbup.gif]

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    Default Money

    A."I've got money! I can pay! Do you understand me? Money!"
    B. "Yes....yes you will pay"
    A. "My god, what have I done to deserve this"
    B. " did nothing, when you had a chance, you were weak and did nothing"
    A. "Haven't I been a good servant? Haven't I filled this temple's pews with new worshippers?"
    B. "Even now, you are failing. You are offering me money that is not yours, and you whimper like a pup. You will be punished, you will be made to truley beg for forgiveness"
    A. "No, No what are going to do to me"
    B. "Search in your heart and when you come to that black pool of shame, you will know what is waiting for you"
    A. " What? What dark pool? I am a good person, I never hurt, no! That was a long time ago. I was young and foolish! I have dedicated my life to this temple, doesn't that account for something?"
    B. "Again, you worry about you, while the one you hurt soul is restless and is asking for redemption. The great one has been kind enough to oblige. Prepare yourself fallen one. This is going to take a while"
    A. "No..No ...noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!"


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    Mikey Guest Spider. Just visiting.

    Default The Jouney Ends

    And there, with it in his hands, the finality of it all hits him. After all of those years, with countless riches spent, along with countless friends lost in battle, it was over. His heart is beating like a rabbits hiding from a wolf. His sweat his leaking from his skin like melting snow on the first day of spring. His breath still like the evening wind on a summer's eve. His mind focused like an archer with a buck in his sights.
    'When I open this book my life will change. Everything that I am will be erased, and I will only exsit in the memories of my long abandoned family. My mind will no longer remember what it is like to be hungry, thirsty, long for the touch of a woman, feel cold or pain. Is this the price I want to pay to have the powers of a god?
    This book... it calls to shows me as I will be....respected...feared...reveared...worshipped. I can be a god, I will be a god!"
    With that thought he opens the ancient (Tomb of the Lich) and reads the first word, his search has ended, but his journey has just begun.


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    Mikey Guest Spider. Just visiting.

    Default The bridge has fallen!

    A: "Sir the bridge has fallen to the goblins!"
    B: "What? What did you say?"
    A. "The bridge sir...we lost it to the goblins. The entire garrison has been slain. The goblins dug a tunnel and came in from our side of the bridge! The must of used some type of magic."
    B. "We are doomed, the bridge was our only escape route. How many goblins are on our side of the river?"
    A. "My best guess would put them around one hundred strong sir. They will be here any minute, what are your orders?"
    B. "Gather the women and children, they will die upon the edge of a dwarven axe before they become slaves of goblins!"
    A. "Sir.... my wife and child?"
    B. "My blow will be swift and acurate, they will feel no pain. Go quickly now."
    A. "Aye!"


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    Mikey Guest Spider. Just visiting.

    Default Mikey, what is wrong with you?

    I guess by now you have come to the conclusion that I am some sort of sicko. Actualy quite the opposite. I write these little story snippets to try to see how much information I can reveal and get the read emotionaly charge up in as little time as possible. Another side bar is I try to get the reader to root for the badguys, so most of these will be told from the dark side of the story. Sort of "Tales from the Crypt" style.
    Anyone can write about the hero overcoming difficult obsticles and ridiculous situations to win the day. "Lord of the rings" and "Star wars". I love these stories so dont get me wrong, but what happens when the heroes fail, and the day is lost?

    Just for fun. [smilie=confuzzled.gif]


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    Mikey Guest Spider. Just visiting.

    Default Pelor is a coward

    "Where is your god now?" ask the dark knight as he looks down upon his headless victim. "I heard you mumbling all of those pathetic prayers and incantations. Did you think you were going to best me?" The victor sits down on the splintered pew next to the slumed over body. With one quick snatch with is black glove the headless armoured body his righted to a seated position. The paladin's blood covers the sun engraved highly polished chest plate. The armour has dings and cuts as if it were in a hail storm. "All of your pathetic righteousnous got you nothing, excpet the buisness end of my sword. I doubt you have ever even been with a women." The dark one stands and looks about the 15 slaughtered wedding guests in the temple of Pelor. A small child cries in a corner next to the crumpled body of his mother. "Child?.... Child? Take my hand and beg for my forgiveness for being so weak. Stop crying.....I said stop crying!" The child hides his eyes in his hands and starts wail uncontrolably. The evil knight kicks over the pew and steps to the boy. "I hope your death will grant some sort of satisfaction as I grow bored with you." The man reaches for the hilt of his sword, but not before the boy leaps to his feet and holds up a candle stick holder as a weapon, in trying to defend himself.

    "You just spared your life. I am in need of a squire and servant. You will have plenty of chances to kill me child, and if your training goes as planned, you will. Now repeat after me Dark Master Nerull, take these worthless souls as gifts, and may the shadow of death touch the soul of everyman." The boy steadied himself and forced his body to stop trembling, and after a silent moment spoke "Dark Master Nerul.........

    Mikey [smilie=ebil-thumbup.gif]

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    Hmm, the last one rocks, always nice for a quick dose of death this thread is.
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    Default The silence

    The silence was noticable. All that could be heard was whimpering and crying. Even though there were hundreds of townsfolk that were forced to attend the percetion, the silence was a salute to defeat. Another odd observation was the absence of older boys and men. They had all been forced into the defense of the lands, but now they were all gone.
    Drums and horns announced the arrival and presentation of their new ruler. Despite being utterly defeated and dominated every head looked in the direction of the main gate as the conquorer enterd into the main cuaseway.

    "You are a prize. You are my spoil, my personal object, you belong to me. Anyone whom feels other-wise shall meet the same fate as those you hoped would defeat me. As of now you no longer own your children. They are my children, they are the future leaders and fighters of my army! This disgusting little hovel you call a town will feed my army and aide in my conquest of new lands. Let there be no doubt, I...Baroness Kadima, am your new ruler!"

    Mikey [smilie=dj-wtf.gif]

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    Mikey Guest Spider. Just visiting.

    Default Oh They will pay!

    The war band moved in complete silence. The intended targets had no inclination of the maelstrom that was about to be brought upon them. You see, the swamp had been dried up for about 3 weeks now. A result of some interloping human's idea of rerouting the water supply towards thier crops.
    Humans, hmph, so weak, so fragile, so easily broken.
    Though the warband had no formal training thier movememnt resembled a highly skilled army. Three to the left, and to the right to get the best advantage as possible. The human leaders tent was previously identified and 2 mature warriors were going straight through the camp to kill him in his sleep.

    Everything was in place, the warband was emotionless and steady as they awaited the signal. After a final check on the preperations a nearly inaudible hiss slipped over the thin lips of the Lizardfolk captain.

    The fight was over in minutes and more then 20 women, children, and men were silinced. With in an hour the swamp marshes beagn to recieve itself life sustaining water as the man-made damn was broken down.

    Life goes back to normal.


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    Mikey Guest Spider. Just visiting.

    Default Tears

    With a tear in her eyes she climb higher and higher with the knowledge the final blow had been struck. She could no longer contiue the fight. The countless hard fought battles had final taken thier toll on her aged body. No longer did she have the finesse to do such so much close battle.

    As she reached her apex her body become weightless for just a moment. A quick smiled scrolled across her face. She sure did love the sensation of being weightless. She finaly lets go of her will to stay alive and lets gravity pull her back down to the ground.

    With her arms and legs spread out she slips in and out of conscieness as the wind screams in her ears. "So peacefull"

    Then she hears the aweful noise, the noise of battle. She hears the screams and cries as those in melee fall upon each others weapons. They are all oblivious to her though as they rage on in trying to save themselves.

    Finaly she blacks out and accepts the welcoming darkness.

    "Look...look the Gold Dragon has been slain! Look. It falls like a hunted dove! We have won! Sound the charge...sound the charge!"

    There is a momentary pause as the Dragon slams into the middle of the battlefield. Blood bones and sinew spew forth in all directions covering all those in the immediate area. The war horns could be heard for miles as the warring Gnolls howl in victory.

    The elven army beats the drums of retreat, but they all know it is just a delay before the inevitable.

    Mikey [smilie=boggl3y3dummy-ani.gif]

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    Default Tis the truth!

    "I'll not lie to ya! What I be saying dis da trute! I't be a large beast, at least 7 foot of height. Tis skeen was wuz a deep blue and purple, almost mezmorizing I'd say. No hair any where tas I could see, and I be looking real good becuase I couldn't take me eyes off da creature.

    Fangs jutted down tis mout like two large dagger. I wuz frozen with da fear. Tis muscle bulge like the finest gladiator I ever saw, but bigger! He moved wit da grace of cat and jumped into battle with the pride of Paladin's mount.

    Da ting just swung da arms back and fort...... killing wit every blow as tis ting went. We never should da go to da forsaken forest......Fiteen boy died today, a great warrior everone, all good friend to me for sure.

    Why da creature not kill me too, I dunno, maybe it not need to kill a simple cook, maybe cuaz it know I not wana fight, maybe...?

    If I had to make a name for dis ting I be calling it da Blue Orc....yeah da Blue Orc.

    My poor friends ner had da chance....the damn Blue Orc......

    Mikey [smilie=bunny.gif]

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    Default What to do?

    "What am I doing? If I go through with this, then war will be declared and there is a very good possibilty that thousands of innocents could die."

    "On the other hand, the money is very good. Let this arrow fly and a whole year's pay can be aquired in a matter of seconds."

    "My target is a great man. He has abolished slavery and have brought hope back to a doomed civilization."

    "His neck is completly exposed, an easy kill from this range. His hard work has generated many enemies."

    "There are rumors he is about o offer ownership of land to the common folk. That would surely make him one of the al time greatest rulers. His generosity would be known across all the lands, and many rulers would have to follow. The possibilty of a world wide revolution for the betterment for all"

    "Your target is about to move out of ranged, and your favorite wench is waiting for you back at the brothel... what to do...what to do...?"

    "Ah the hell with it...let it fly"


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    Default Over the water

    They came from over the water. Thier boat seemed so...small. How did they navigate the vast ocean on such a small boat?

    The scout had spotted them hours before from the high cliffs. He rung the warning bells and the gaurd was gathered inside the walls. We sent an elder out to greet them on the water's edge. In his hands were beads and fruits to ready a peace offering for the strange men.

    The boat glided effortlessly up to the shoreline. Then as the boat touched the sand the sailors sprung from the boat and had..had..killed the elder before he muttered the first greeting.

    We all screamed as it happened so fast. The strangers heard us and quickly positioned themselves around the fort. I was forced with the other children to hide in a hideout under some hay.

    We all cried as we heard the battle unfold above us. Hours went by as smoke and the smell of death filled our hidden compartment. Finaly, the noise ended and we could hear laughter and women screaming for help. We just put our hands over our ears and cried.

    Eventualy, the strangers found us. I do not know about the other children, but I have been on the boat for about three weeks. You are the only other person other then the strangers I have seen since that time.

    I wish you could understand me. What's your name...your name? Where did you come from, uh what's the name of your land. Why do you have black skin?


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    Default Training

    "This is it boys all the training you have gone through comes down to right now, right here. When you took an oath to be a Knight you took an oath to protect the kingdom and all of its inhabitants rich or poor! On the outside of our walls is the enemy! Fight to the death! If you should fall in battle they will not offer quarter. Be brave, be vigilant, be glorious!
    To the peripets, defend your people, your lands, your king! Go, go, go!" yelled the captain of the guard. The young soldiers, barely out of thier teens scream a war cry and ran up the steps to the top of the wall.

    As they reached the top thier war cries turned to silence, as they gazed upon an ocean of bodies. Thousands of trolls had banded together and brought with them all sorts of vile war machines and devices. Some spewing an evil smoke, some leaking a black tar, but most promising pain and death. Some of the young men turned to run back down the steps but were imedietly impailed upon a large crossbow quiver from the captain.

    "Get your arses back up on that wall, men. You need to be the distraction while the king and is family escapes through the dungeons below. You now know your place in life. I'll kill each and every last one of ya, if I see a single step towards these steps. Now get on that wall and be the good little targets you were trained to be.

    He he...did you really think you peasants could every become knights? Are you that stupid? Here is my last bit of advice... you best make sure you are all the way dead before the trolls get ya, cause they would prefer to each you while you are still warm."

    Mikey [smilie=holyshit.gif]

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    Default Testing day!

    He had wondered in the cavern for days. He stumbled along going through the events in his head. He was an adapt individual destined for greatness. His parents were of the finest order and came from powerful lineages. His family named was feared and respected and came with many privileges. Older siblings had gone on to start their own families and legacies. His heart was like stone and non-wavering, and he had never lost a confrontation either by brawn or by wits.
    Then why had she forsaken him. She broke his heart and scared him for life. Everything he did was for her. She had spoken to him and told him many times she would love him and shower him with her affection and loyalty, once he passed the test. He had readied himself and was to awaken a new hero; instead he awoke to disgrace and shame.
    Luck was on his side. He awoke before the others. As he rose up he noticed his condition and that of the others. He was the only one stricken with this new malformation, he had failed the test. Though the ten others in the room were life-long friends if they had learned of his outcome they would kill him on site. He sprang into action and grabbed a near by dagger. One by one he cut their throats until all were slain.
    He scurried off into the forbidden caverns to search for his new family. Though he was taught to despise them and kill them on site he was now one of them. Like a living nightmare he realizes his formal life is over and that he had become the very thing he hated the most. An outcast, a failure, the lowest of the low, he is now a Drider!


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    Default Wrote this last year

    This is a little longer then I usualy write. Iwrote it over a year ago.

    To the reader: This is an exercise in imagination. I have not given this dialogue between two characters any names, places, or descriptions. As you read this piece let your imagination decided what these two look like and where they are at. The characters are not even gender specific. Writing this way lets the reader have more input into the story. I guess we are co authoring this piece together. Have fun and enjoy.

    1. What’s it like?
    2. What is…. what like?
    1. You know the place you are from…. Hell.
    2. I know what you are asking, but I do not think you know what you are asking.
    1. Huh?
    2. Let me clarify it for you. Hell is not a place, well it is in theory, but not a place you actually go to or get sent to. Does that make sense?
    1. Actually it makes it worse. You really need to do better.
    2. Okay. Hell is what you make of it. It is human conjured; therefore you would be better at explaining it to me than I could to you.
    1. That doesn’t make any sense. Don’t you reign from Hell? Isn’t there supposed to be fire and brimstone? Aren’t you supposed to be torturing the souls of the damned and all that?
    2. Stop! Stop! Stop! First let’s get some ground rules established. One, I am an Angel, not a fallen angel, not a corrupted angel, and definitely not evil. Two, the creator loves me and I love the creator. I have been assigned a task, and because of my love for the creator I do the best job I can. Three, I do not have the ability to create underworlds or mythical places of actual existence. Four, I do not torcher souls or try to make the heavens fall, nor do I have the desire to rule your world. Five, this is the most important so pay attention, I only look human, I am NOT human. I do not think the same way you do, and I do not feel the same way you do. Therefore, stop making human assumptions about Angel kind if you can. This will help you understand my position a little better.
    1. Okay, I know you are the king of lies, but what you are saying flies into the face of what every religion and holy book says about the Devil. You want me to believe that you are not trying to singe the earth in a fiery ball, and leave heaven in a heap of ash? Then if that is the case, where did all this supposed false information come from?
    2. Vivid imaginations I suppose. Look, I love you humans like you love puppies and kittens. I can not control, nor would I want to, about the way I feel about humans. Humans always try to explain things away into a neat little shape. So, when Angels and humans used to have better relations in our past, humans tried to define things they did not understand. Through out history humans have learned about the power of fear and pain and I suppose, that is how my image was created.
    1. So, then if everything I know about you is wrong, Why don’t you tell me everything from the beginning.
    2. What good will it do you? Will you be a better person, or more devout to the creator? …..Okay, I will start from the beginning, and feel free to ask about anything you do not understand. However, I can assure you will be let down. How classic is this line? In the Beginning there was darkness!
    1. What, was before god?
    2. Oh, I did not even get past the first sentence! Do you really want to know?
    1. yes!
    2. Before the Creator there was… another creator. I was not part of that time so I have no information to offer other than what I have already said.
    1 Now I know you’re lying. There was no god before..well. god.
    2. Ah..yes you are partly correct. There was no god before god, but there was most certainly a previous creator, before our own.
    1. Same difference! I mean you are just playing the name game here...
    2. Do you realize I am a super genius? I mean, I have the ability to understand how everything in the universe works both physically and metaphysically, but there is one thing I can not figure out
    1. What? What does that got to do with anything?
    2. Is why humans insist on using the term, “same difference

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    Default rise

    Rise my children! Rise from the dusty earth and walk among the living. Feast upon flesh of your enemies, fill your bellies with the bones of the righteous! My fearless legion you have found your worth, serving me!

    To the village, advance upon the sleeping village and leave no man, women, or child alive! This I command of you. Let your rage be the last thing these simpltons see. Once you have slacked your thirst for innocent blood, then we go to the next town and so on and so on until that pompus cleric of St. Cuthbert shows her cowardly face.

    She can keep hiding from us, but with enough bloodshed she will be forced out of hiding, and when she does, I will kill her!


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    Default Bad day

    You picked a bad day to be a hero boy. I wonder what was going through your mind? Was it some sudden surge of anger that brought you to this point? Did you think I acted inappropriatly to the little lady? Do you see how she is dressed? She looks like a wh****, there fore, she is to be treated as such!

    If you had just minded your own buisness we wouldn't be in this situation right now. Don't try to talk, just listen to what I have to say. How are we supposed to move on from this? Do I drive this blade in deeper and end our disagreement, or do I let you live and have to worry about you showing up later?

    Ah, ah no talking. Let me think... ah I know...I'll cut you deep enough not to kill you, but keep you laid up for sometime. After that I am going to go back over there and extend my sinceirest apologees to the lady, and offer to make it up to her by escorting her to a evening out. ah ah ssshhhh.

    Listen now, quiet, I need to listen for the pop as I press the blade. Don't move, don't move if I go too far you'll bleed out. a man, stop the crying and let me listen for the pop. Ooops you've wet yourself, your father must be so proud. Ahh there we go. Did you hear that? That little pop sound is so,..... subtle ,yet, powerful.

    Now lay down and don't move. I know..I know it hurts, but just lay still. That's a good boy. Sshhhh


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    heh, I like that last one... i can see the fellow squirming... very creepy it was.
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