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    Mikey Guest Spider. Just visiting.

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    Thanks! I have no idea where that came from. Very creepy. When I start writing I just get into a groove and poof there it is. I think I am going to write about some butterflies and rainbows now.


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    Mikey Guest Spider. Just visiting.

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    I'm back! It's good to be back in port again. Things seem to be a little different since the last time I was here. It seems the the patrols have moved further back towards the warehouses. Hmmph! I swore to give up thieven, but damn they make it near impossible to give it up. 2 years in lockup! Stay focused...stay focused. Just go get a job! Hello? What's this? A fair maiden walking alone, please don't turn up that back alley, please...don't. Okay, look around, and yep no one saw her make that turn. I better go check on her....umm no stay here...ummm okay I'm going to just take a peak.
    Ohh there she is it dark in there...ahh hell, one more time and then that's it!

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