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Thread: My Poetry.

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    Wolf Guest Spider. Just visiting.

    Default My Poetry.

    I am finally going to start working on getting some of my poetry posted. I hope you like how i write and all that jaz. If you don't: Stop reading it!

    Wolf Wings
    __________________________________________________ _

    Again and Again

    Each time you disappoint me,
    I sit back and try not to cry.
    Sometimes I succeed.
    Others I do not.
    And when I fail to keep the tears back,
    I go off and hide until they stop
    Because I am ashamed that you affect me.
    That you can still hurt me again and again.
    You are supposed to be there for me
    not make me wish we had never met.
    You left my life when I was young
    And when you wanted I let you back.
    I just want to say I still care.
    I give you your chances again and again.
    Sometimes you do not fail
    And I feel glad that I gave you that one more chance.
    Then you fail me once more
    When my barriers are down.
    Lowered because you hadn’t before.
    I gave you that chance and opened myself
    And you fail me again and again.
    It hurts me so much
    That my heart wants to break.
    Wants to cease the beating in my chest.
    Give up its fight to love you.
    To care for you.
    To trust you.
    I want these things but I fear your failures
    Because of how they hurt me.
    Yet you will come back
    And I will give you another chance.
    Though in my heart
    I know that you will do it again and again.
    And hurt me again and again.
    I try to stay away
    But you are she who gave me life.
    I feel that I should love you.
    You make it hard.
    You make me tired.
    You depress me with your failures.
    And make me joyful when you fail to fail me.
    Then you do it again
    And again I am hurt.
    Crying and sad.
    Feeling that I should be angry
    But I can’t stay that way for long.
    I can’t hold a grudge
    Though again and again I try.
    I can’t.
    I want to.
    I try to.
    But I am not that kind of person.
    I love too easily.
    I care too much.
    Even for those who hurt me.
    I can’t hurt them back
    Because I would feel their pain.
    Such it is with you.
    And such will it always be.
    I try again to confront it
    But each time it slips away.
    I am tired and must go
    But know.
    That back I will be.
    Even though you hurt me.
    I will be back again and again.
    Back because I care enough.
    Back because I care too much.
    Perhaps it’s my destiny. . .

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    Wolf Guest Spider. Just visiting.


    A Few Little Verses

    A few little verses
    just can’t tell
    the extent of my pain
    nor where it is from.

    A few little verses
    can’t find it all
    in the body
    in the soul
    and in the mind.

    A few little verses
    they just can’t tell
    what brought it to me
    what brings it back
    and what keeps it coming
    again and again.

    A few little verses
    will never say
    the hope I feel
    at the coming of day
    the disappointment I feel
    when the pain is still there
    always there.

    A few little verses
    will never say
    the depth of a heart
    the pain in a soul
    the bitterness in a mind
    or the weariness in a body
    living with pain
    for so many days on end.

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    Wolf Guest Spider. Just visiting.


    Eternity and a Day

    Another day has gone by,
    How long has she been gone?
    A month now since she went away
    And I have seen her not.
    So long gone,
    At a month and a day.

    Time has passed once again,
    How long has she been gone?
    Two months now and miles away.
    I haven’t seen her in that long.
    I miss her much and greatly,
    At two months and a day.

    Three months now have gone by,
    A birthday with no call.
    My siblings, they, have seen her face,
    But I have not at all.
    When will I see her again?
    At three months and a day.

    One more month has passed on by,
    Four, now, the count has come,
    Yet she has not arrived.
    My love is still bright.
    Still gone,
    At four months and a day.

    Four months gone by since last I saw her.
    How long will she be gone?
    How long till she fades
    From memory?
    An eternity and a day.

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    Wolf Guest Spider. Just visiting.



    Another day for introspection
    Investigation of myself
    I sit around and meditate
    but nothing comes to me
    I clear my mind and sit to wait
    I hope for all the best
    then the worst comes
    I am unprepared
    by looking forward
    I forgot to look back
    by looking up
    I forgot to look down
    I tripped and I am falling
    down down down
    always falling down
    further and further I fall.
    I fall and I wait
    for the bottom to come up and reach me.
    for the end to finally come.
    waiting for the bottom
    as it waits for me.

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    Wolf Guest Spider. Just visiting.


    The Return

    Standing at the brink
    and no time to think
    Looking at the depressional depths below
    One more step
    one more move
    and into it I shall go
    Things swirl around me
    but notice it I do not
    I want it to end
    but then again
    I do not want to hurt those I love
    I run and I run
    but away I can’t get
    Each time
    I find I must return
    Return once more
    to the very thing that causes my pain
    I hold it all in
    and keep it from showing
    but again and again
    it overpowers me
    Each time I run
    I find I go farther
    Yet each time I run
    I just come back again
    Again and again
    to the pain I return
    as an addict that can’t get away
    I want to depart
    to preserve my hearts beat
    but each time I do
    I just come right back
    and feel it all once again

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    Wolf Guest Spider. Just visiting.


    What I am

    I am honest
    I am brave
    I am a friend when one is needed
    I am there for them
    I am there for me
    I am smart
    I am kind
    I am compassionate
    I am honorable
    I am good
    I am wise
    I am there always
    I am happy with my life
    I am content.
    Is this truly what I am?
    Or is it what I should be?
    Am I all of these?
    Or Are they what I want to be?
    Are some of them true?
    Or are they what I dream of being?
    Will I ever be all of these?
    Or am I doomed to be just me?

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    Wolf Guest Spider. Just visiting.


    Always the Confidant, Never the Confider.

    Always the confidant
    Never the confider.
    Never taking
    always trying to help.
    When I need help,
    I cannot ask
    when I need compassion
    I cannot try for it.
    My petty complaints
    seem so dull when I say them aloud
    and though they hurt me to my core
    I keep them inside
    and do my best
    to help others when they need it
    to put myself out of my mind.
    I give of myself
    asking nothing in return.
    Not a shoulder to cry on.
    Not a tear more to be shed for me.
    I want nothing
    or so it seems
    the problem is
    I need help.
    I need the compassion of a friend,
    a confidant all my own.
    I give so much
    and take nothing for myself.
    I become empty from it all.
    Soon there will be nothing to give
    nothing to allow me to do what I do best.
    Always I am the confidant.
    Never do I confide.
    Always do I try to give.
    Never do I ask for more.
    I give and I give because that is how I want to be.

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    Wolf Guest Spider. Just visiting.


    The Pain

    I just want to cry
    the pain’s too much to bear
    Always it is there
    and never am I free
    I just want it to go away
    and leave me for a time
    But all the time I wish
    I know it will not be
    freedom from it
    has not been made for me
    each day it comes with waking
    each day it comes to me
    never have I been without
    I wouldn’t know what to do if I was
    when at last it seems to lift
    it comes crashing down again
    even heavier this time
    will I never be free
    or will it last for eternity
    will it never go away
    or will I be free one day
    again the pain returns
    far worse this time
    each time I wake
    it returns once more
    my torment
    my agony
    a lack of pain would leave me empty
    for there has never been anything else

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    Wolf Guest Spider. Just visiting.


    This one is actually being published.

    A Poison

    Love is a poison of many types
    Eating slowly at the heart
    Or entering quickly like a speeding bullet
    Creeping slowly through your veins
    To change who you are
    To pull into the open a solitary soul
    Bringing about a premature demise
    Not always deadly
    But rarely pain-free
    A wound that cannot heal
    A weapon left within the wound
    Left to fester
    Left to grow
    A cancer both quick and slow
    Love can kill
    A serial-murderer in our very hearts.

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    Wolf Guest Spider. Just visiting.


    What are you?

    What are you?
    A person who wants me to be
    something other than me.
    A person who cares
    that others don’t like who I am.
    A person who wants
    to fit in with the norm.
    A person who thinks
    my likes are unimportant.
    A person who wants
    me to be like other people.
    A person who clings
    because they could not find another.
    What are you?
    A person who needs me
    when I do not need you.

    (A friend was having trouble with a guy. This was not about me.)

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    Wolf Guest Spider. Just visiting.


    The Death of a Soul.

    My soul has died
    but my body lives on.
    Always I seem to be a part of things
    but truly my heart is not there.
    It is gone and will not return.
    When will I follow my soul
    and have this torture come to an end?
    When will I be
    free from this pain?
    Am I to always have it?
    Am I to feel it forever?
    The ache in my heart.
    The emptiness that I feel.
    The end never comes
    So I live on
    Hoping for it.
    Waiting for it.
    Feeling the constant feeling.
    Of regret.
    Of sorrow.
    Of pain.
    Always I feel it.
    Always will I feel it.
    Always will it make itself known.
    It shows itself in my eyes.
    It shows itself in my manner.
    Always it shall be felt by me.
    Without it, I would live on.
    Empty of everything.

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    Wolf Guest Spider. Just visiting.


    A Living Hell

    Into the darkness I shall go,
    And my soul shall fight to survive.
    The darkness will engulf me,
    And take my life away.
    The devil shall find the time
    To come for me himself.
    He’ll take everything I have,
    And torment me for eternity.
    At times I believe he has already come
    And taken my very being
    For my life seems to be…
    A living hell.

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    Wolf Guest Spider. Just visiting.


    This is one of the few poems that i have written that is not dark. The only reason for that is that this was an assignment in 12th grade english....

    Hope a Rose

    Hope is a blooming rose.
    At the beginning, merely a bud,
    A tiny light shining in the darkness,
    With sunshine and care it grows.
    In full bloom it is a beautiful thing,
    Growing larger every day.
    Petals bright red,
    And thorns that sting.
    The thorns can be sharp,
    As hope grows dim,
    But they also give strength
    And protection for that within.
    Protection from things
    That would bring it to an end.
    As winter approaches the rose withers.
    The petals fall like tears from the stem.
    Yet there is still life within,
    Deep down inside,
    With the coming of spring,
    Its heart will beat again.
    It will grow and be shining.
    The fallen petals and broken dreams giving life,
    Though they themselves have died.

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    Wolf Guest Spider. Just visiting.



    Time wasted
    can’t be regained.
    Time gone
    can’t be taken back.
    Time lost
    is never found.
    Time wanted
    may never be recieved.
    Time taken
    cannot be returned.
    Time is a precious thing.
    No amount of money
    can buy more.
    No amount of wishing
    will get it for you.
    Once it is gone
    it cannot be gotten back.
    It is gone.
    A moment in time.
    Now a moment in the past.

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    Wolf Guest Spider. Just visiting.


    All right! That is it for now. If i find more, i may post them later but i think i have done enough.

    Hope you liked them and that it wasn't a waste of your time.

    Wolf Wings

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    Wolf Guest Spider. Just visiting.


    This one kinda sucks but oh well.

    Always Alone

    Always alone
    in my heart
    and in my mind.
    Always alone
    for this time that passes by.
    I feel it now
    and yet i can't know
    the depth of my loneliness.
    It is like the sea
    on a starless, moonless night.
    Dark and seemingly bottomless.
    Always alone
    in the depth of my soul
    so deep as to be unsurpassable.
    Always alone
    is my destiny.
    Always alone
    am i meant to be?

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    Wolf Guest Spider. Just visiting.


    A poem to get me back into the swing of things here. Been gone for a long while and may not be here much but i am alive. XD

    I have tried it all
    and sometimes twice
    and nothing has helped me be free
    The pain is terrible.
    It doesn’t allow me to sleep.
    It doesn’t allow me to move.
    It hinders me
    and breaks me down.
    Would I feel anything were it not there?
    I ask, “Why me?”
    but no answer comes.
    Only my own in the knowledge that,
    even if I could,
    I would never wish my pain upon another.
    I live with it.
    It has become a part of my life.
    Perhaps, it is my life.
    I seem to have nothing else.
    In every part of my body.
    I live.
    I will die.
    Until that day,
    unending pain is my companion.

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    Nice stuff! Keep up the good work.

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    TheTallestDwarf Guest Spider. Just visiting.


    Seems a bit depressing.

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    Ilriyas the mage Guest Spider. Just visiting.


    Here's one to get some new population
    (It's not in a particular fashion so roll with it)
    This thread
    Has been dead
    for a long long time
    And I'm sure this little post of mine
    Will not change a thing
    But with luck I will bring
    Life back into this thread
    If not then it shall probably meet the archive shed
    So I say to you lot
    Don't give it a thought
    Just come and share your poems
    I don't care where your mind roams
    Just post here
    Or I shall give you an angry leer
    Or a sneer
    Or a beer!

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