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    Alexander Tau Guest Spider. Just visiting.

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    They all come here eventually.

    Tired, sometimes broken, but always they say the same thing.

    "I never thought I would end up here."

    Real life caught up with us at last, funny, sad.

    Where are we? Or sorry I forgot you are just visiting. You must be special, we do not let many of your kind in.

    The Halls of Olympus, a small sub-Dimension actually. Stephen created it and others have expanded it since then. No, it is not the original Olympus, that was destroyed shortly after Hercules died.

    Why are we here? Why do you keep asking me questions?

    Very Well. The Civil War.

    Some things exist because some tiny little idea is accepted by everyone.

    When people gain great power they go bad, at least most of them. The few who do not, those are special, you used to call us Heroes.

    We always knew that our existence was as illegal as those we fought. But since we helped, we tried, it was forgiven, ignored. Not any more, eh?

    So you Registered us, tried to train us, tried to control us.

    Look where that got you.

    Who is it that rules Earth today my friendly visiting human? Dr. Doom, or is it Magneto again? All the same to a slave right. sorry.

    Yes, all the heroes who did not die on Earth during or after the Civil War are here. We got tired of it all, the unspoken bond was broken.

    You humans turned Captain America into a criminal, shame on you.

    Then he quit, and you killed him.

    But, hey, all is forgiven, and we are in charge here. Since there were only a few of us in the beginning we adopted a City style approach to running things. Currently Mayor Echo is keeping life on track. You will be amazed at what we have done in such a short time.

    Freed of the burden of constantly saving you little insects.. er sorry, humans, and protecting the Earth, we have been able to use our powers for positive, constructive things.

    Spider Tower reaches 1,000 stories into the Sky.

    Crime is pretty much unknown here.

    Yeah, we are Superheroes and we get to live. No secret identities, no jobs, no dealing with all of that hassle.



    OK, well let someone else handle it... Oh come now, we have had gods, who could possibly be that. . .


    I am sorry, my associate Kory will be helping you get settled in. It seems we have a very special new arrival, a most unexpected one.

    Tell Mr. Stark I will be right there.

    Everyone... eventually.

    Written by Christopher Darque

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    Alexander Tau Guest Spider. Just visiting.


    Author's Comments

    For those who are not up on comic book lore there was an event in Marvel comics called the 'Civil War'. The humans tried to gain control over all the MetaHumans in the world. Essentially it was 'sign up to work for the government or we will lock you up.'

    As you might imagine not everyone went along with this insane idea. Captain America led the resistance and in the end he was shot down.

    The idea behind Civil War was to move the comics in a more realistic direction and it certainly did that. But at the same time something has been lost. The past times are no more and what comics will become is unclear.

    But this piece is about my feelings about what the Civil War meant, and where it might eventually lead.


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    Lady Della Lettera Guest Spider. Just visiting.


    Your writing is spectacular as always.

    I believe you will get some nice positive reviews on this one.

    *warm smile*

    -Lady D.

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