From the chronicles of Duvik IronBottom, High Warrior of the Porcelain Throne

And so it came to pass that Duvik set off in search of the Lost City of Angor. The old dwarven warrior discovered what he deduced was the location of the long forgotten city from a vague reference in an old manuscript. The text was a treatise concerning the tactics used to fend off the armies of humans led by the nefarious human warlord Nevidius.

'And when at last we were forced back across the Surbrin River and were about to retreat behind the great gates of Angor to lock ourselves within, that accursed wizard of his brought down the mountain... the gates were buried beneath tons of broken stone and rubble and we stood alone... our women and children trapped inside the city along with the human refugees who had been fleeing Nevidius and his legions of undead warriors...'

The Surbrin River. Duvik had once travelled along a tributary of the Surbrin and wondered if he may have passed by the scene of this great battle without his knowledge. He procured a map of the northern reaches and found that the Surbrin River's flows began deep within a treacherous mountain range known as the Fangs of Grin’del. After months of travel, Duvik found himself at the base of the Fangs and purchasing supplies for the final leg of his journey.

The city of Lockhart was a frontier village whose major economy was the mining of iron ore from the rich deposits that could be found in the Fangs. Duvik's plan was to find the location of his ancestral city and then return to secure an expeditionary force to uncover the gates. The manuscript hinted that the gates to Angor would not be far from the banks of the River Surbrin and so the old dwarf's plan was to simply follow the river north into the mountains and keep his eyes open for signs of an ancient battle or perhaps a great heap of broken rubble.

Travel by boat along the river and into the mountains was not an option. Less than a day’s travel upriver the Surbrin became a raging rapid that no vessel could manage. Knowing well his ancestors desire to remain isolated, Duvik figured that he would need travel on foot for at least a moon’s cycle in order to find the lost city of his people. Duvik set off into the mountains only a few days after his arrival in Lockhart with little more than his traveling gear and a laden mule that he had purchased from an outfitter. He named his companion Jigaleg and for thirty days and thirty nights they made their way deeper and deeper into the Fangs of Grin’del.

Duvik and Jigaleg had fared well for the first few weeks of the journey but a few days earlier they had suffered an attack by a pack of mangy looking creatures that looked to be a cross between wolf and kobold. There were only four of the things but they attacked with a speed and efficiency that caught Duvik totally unawares as they injured him severely and made off with Jigaleg and all of Duvik’s supplies. They would have finished the old dwarf as well had not Duvik continued to fight on even after having lost his right eye and two of the fingers on his left hand.

Duvik was sorely injured and deep in unfamiliar territory. He had lost all his provisions and his only companion. His missing eye and fingers were bleeding heavily and Duvik laid himself in the shallows of the Surbrin River expecting to die after wrapping his injuries as best he could under the circumstances. All his hopes and dreams at uncovering the home of his forefathers were being washed downriver along with his own life’s blood.