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Thread: Xy Fi - People of Dubious Character

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    Default Xy Fi - People of Dubious Character

    I resumed giving XP at the end of the session so those XP disbursements are available in the game log.

    Anyway, this game takes place in the Xy Fi setting, based heavily on Stephen R. Donaldson's Gap series.

    In this chronicle, the ship captain is played by Darren and the shipboard AI is played by Phil. The first story starts with Captain Gabriel in the brig of a space station awaiting transport to the UMCP ship when the station is attacked by an unknown hostile force...

    The second story has Captain Gabriel and Alice making planetfall on an icy moon in an effort to earn some money so they can resume their lifestyle. There is a lucrative transport contract but the details must be arranged with the client and he isn't available for several days...

    Unfortunately, real life decided to take a big steaming dump on this game.

    The next game is going to be a fantasy game and will get its own thread soon enough.
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