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    Default Vanquish *** Prelude

    It dawned on me while sitting under the oak tree on the edge of the great desert. Why did the hag send me out into the land abroad? This land, a land more vast than I had ever imagined, is no longer my friend but now my enemy. Why am I here? It’s not because of the dishonor that I brought to the clan. No if that were the truth, I would be long dead by now. No there is more to it than that. What was it she said to me as I left my village? Follow the great vast to the twin fires. Now if this isn’t a death sentence, I don’t know what is. Who wants to be an elf going into the heart of the Mages domain? I would have rather been sentenced to death by my own people than succumb to the tortures of the Mage. Without the protection of the woods, the elves and the druids, what chance of survival do I really have?
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    Default Vanquish *** Prelude II

    As the moon was setting in the night sky, Venith’s tall slender body gazed over the embers of the fire. It was a calm night, as though expecting the course of plan that he had chosen. He slowly knelt down to the fires glow and raised his dagger. Looking at his reflection, he wondered for a brief moment if it would hurt. His chest expanded as he took in the last breath of an elf, raised the dagger to his head and let out a scream as pain and blood surged.

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    Default Vanquish *** Chapter One

    “What do you mean that the slaves in the first run of fields are slowing down? It is almost time to harvest, we need them functioning at full capacity.” This from an aged man beyond his years in looks, but still quite young.
    Tall and slender, garbed in fine silks, the dark skinned elf curtly replied, “Our supply of elves is almost to their end, we are in need of a fresh stock. We have been finding fewer and fewer in the surrounding dells than we did a season ago. The elves and the druids are giving us more than usual resistance.”
    “What about our store in Havens Port, or the supplies from Waterdeep? Surely your kind have resources across that land?” An obvious contempt rolled from the Mages lips as he spoke this.
    “Gardeth, if I may speak so brash, the land of Faerun is not that it is here. Elves are considered in regard. Yes my kind, the Drow, are at war with all and Lolth sees that we are supreme over the land dwellers…”
    “I don’t care for your deities or beliefs, what I care about are the production of woods and cities. And to do that, I need slaves. I have found a supply, and you have the connections to gain what we need here!” Looking around at the other mages and watching their eyes, continued, “Just remember, you are no better than the people I have working in the fields. I could easily have you down there next to a sun elf.” As he chuckled at the irony of his comment.
    To this Raisben bowed and turned from Gardeth and the mages. He passed his hands in a gesture and was engulfed by sulfuric cloud.
    Gardeth turned to the other mages, “If it wasn’t for Sammaster assuring us that this fool was needed in acquiring the Lich Weeping, I would have no trouble in dispensing of him. Keep an eye on him and see that he doesn’t falter from duty to our united goal.”
    One of the mages that was dressed in scarlet robes bowed and slowly shimmered from sight.
    Back in his study, Raisben looked around. Windowless and dark, ever burning globes casting eerie blue light. He tried to make it as much like home as possible. Even down to the pet lizard that he had imported. One more item coming in and things will be a bit more comfortable. He had a concubine from one of the trade ships coming. A faire young wood elf from Faerun. She may not like him at first, but she will grow to adore him. Why did Sammaster want him here in this desolate part of Aberil-Toril. What could possible be needed here for dragons. And what could possibly be so special about a stone. The mages were here now, they could find its location, what is a servant of Lolth needed for? So many questions, yet so few answers.

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