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    Once upon a time...

    A dashing headstrong young Prince met a beautiful Princess. He was taken with her from the moment they met. She was not so sure about him. The ladies of the Court whispered about him. He had a nickname even, 'The Poison Prince'. But the Princess did not listen and over time came to love him.

    They faced many trials and tribulations. Monsters rose up. Succubi swarmed. At times it seemed the whole world stood in the way. But no matter what the danger they always came through. His slashing sword or her unerring arrow always found it's mark.

    For a brief moment there was a place. It ended in war and bloodshed. The two held onto each other and wandered.

    They gathered. They learned. In time they came upon a corner of reality that belonged to no other. A vast wilderness where life remained very simple. Not empty. Oh no. All manners of creatures inhabit the lands they now seek to claim. All the monsters of myths live here. Whole societies so ancient their beginnings are lost in the mysts of time.

    When they found the place for their castle it was built my magic. The Prince became a King and his Princess the Queen. In time there was a family. Two Princesses, followed by a Prince. More than enough reason to fight to hold what they have built. Others who are loyal to the family have pledged their hands, swords, or teeth to the cause.

    A small gathering of humans and others are trying to claim a world. One Kingdom.

    For the moment they hold a few miles around their Palace. The magic of the King holds their borders secure. The Palace itself cannot be harmed by any force. But because of the drain of supporting these defenses none of the members of the court have the massive magical power they truly possess. Threats will have to be met with swords and weapons of other sorts more often than not. But at least they always have a home.

    The Imperial Palace.

    Their lives are an endless adventure...

    A place exists where the adventure never stops. More to come...
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