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    Default Role Call

    GROUP 1

    Name: Liam J Black
    Race: Human (Variant)
    Age: 24
    Class: Rogue(1)/Hexblade(2)
    Appearance: Liam stands at almost 5'11" with a slim build that when revealed is obviously more apt for agility and speed rather than raw strength. With an active job and regular training Liam has slightly below average body fat that reveals a cut physique, although not a meaty one. His hands are graceful and seem perfect for fine detail work which has aided him in the more subtle acts required for work as well as in his art. Liam's skin is pale due to spending most of his times in the shadows of the city out of habit at this point as well as a natural feature of the Black family who are known for their pale skin and black hair and eyes.
    His appearance is fairly handsome though perhaps leaning a bit more towards pretty than he would like which he tries to fight by maintaining a well trimmed beard and mustache he keeps curled at the edges. His black eyes often hold a light of amusement to them as if he is enjoying himself most of the time although they can quickly shift to deadly serious when the need arises. Under his hat his hair is neatly trimmed and brushed and often kept in good condition with a generous dose of prestidigitation.

    • Typical Clothing: outfit but with this hat and no face covering

    Background: Liam grew up in a loving home as the third child of Eric and Isabel Black who spent a good amount of time with his uncle Jordan who taught him many of the skills he now uses as an Inspector of the Watch. With a mostly normal upbringing his claim to abnormality all came from uncle Jordan who had lived as an adventurer and was a registered Warlock contracted to the Raven Queen. Noting the talent Liam had he convinced his brother to allow him to train him properly and it was from him he learned everything from the language of the underworld to invoking the Raven Queen to contract with her for powers that would prove an immense boon towards his future line of work.

    Having grown up in the city and with little inclination to leave Liam joined the Watch at 18 and eventually gained enough merits to be promoted to an inspector tasked with some of the more covert investigations due to his skill set. During this time he met his wife Naomi and managed to father an adorable girl name Alexandra who recently turned 2 and is beginning to speak in whole sentences. As for his contract with the Raven Queen he is registered with the proper authorities who are aware of the magic he has been granted.


    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

    Black Cat's Den: a bar opened by Liam's great-grandfather that also functions as a place for card games, darts, and the occasional secret meeting. It is a decent establishment with well crafted furniture and bar area that were hand made by his great-grandfather who had worked previously as a carpenter and spent his twilight years upgrading what started as a dive bar. Now it is run by Liam's father and uncle with his father taking general management and his uncle handling security.

    Law: Curfew for atypical semi-monstrous races from 21:30-06:00

    Butterfly Gang: a group consisting of under-aged pickpockets known for their light touch and tendency to swarm wealthy looking individuals. They are also known for their skill in evading capture much in the way it is difficult to catch a butterfly.
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    Introducing: Valgrim Garrick, Lawful Good Gnome Artificer (Armorer) of Gond

    Appearance: Valgrim is 3'4" and 43 pounds, although he looks slightly taller and heavier in his arcane armor which he wears like a second skin. He carries a gunpowder pistol in a holster on his hip, although the weapon looks heavily modified. The gauntlets of his armor crackle with power, and he has a spring-loaded shield which attaches to his off-hand gauntlet. Little nano-bots can be seen crawling in between the cracks in his armor as they constantly clean and repair it, and a homunculus shaped like an owl lamp flits around above him.

    Background: Valgrim has lived and worked in Whitecliff as part of the Tinker's Guild for several years. He recently left the guild to join the Watch after one of his inventions went awry and wreaked havoc in the lab. The guildmaster told Valgrim he would never amount to anything, and he is now turning to a life of adventure in search of rare and priceless artifacts which he can study to become the greatest tinkerer of them all.

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    Default Rufus Godsend

    Name: Rufus Godsend
    Race: Human
    Class: Cleric (3)

    Rufus is of average height with close cropped brown hair. His eyes are a steely grey and give the impression of knowledge that perhaps is best unknown.

    Raised as a foundling in the Temple of the Lady in the East of Whitecliff, Rufus spent most of his youth studying in the overly large library attached to the temple and was generally expected to spend his adult days as an acolyte within the temple.

    Surprisingly, and perhaps suspiciously he instead joined the Watch at 16 and has been part of it ever since.

    Inventory (yes I stole the idea!)

    The Temple of the Lady.
    This temple to the Lady Mystra seems strangely lopsided. The temple itself seems fairly normal for a smallish and close to two centuries old temple to the goddess, but the attached library (imaginatively called The Library of the Lady) is almost ridiculously large in comparison. A small stone just above the entrance gives the date of construction of the library itself of just under a century ago. Access is limited to the priests of the temple, and those they grant special permission to, so it is not clear to the general public nor indeed the Watch just what tomes it holds.

    Following the undead invasion 80 years ago, where there were several attempts by undead that could pass to an extent as living, to gain access to secure facilities, all visitors to the major public buildings must consent to have several drops of holy water sprinkled on them to rule out any further attempts at infiltration.

    Any issues, or anything I've missed please let me know. This 5E is a strange beast!

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    Default Character Creation

    Daríuch (Derrik to his human companions)
    Half orc monk

    Standing only slightly taller than most Human men, Daríruch may be stronger.. but itís hard to see visually. Heís lean, yes but mean? Only when he needs to be. Definitely not green... or a machine.
    Heís more of a dark gray color. His eyes shine green with some dark black stubble covering his head... time to shave again, it seems. He walks with his feet bare, loose pants that allow generous movement. Hands and forearms wrapped in linen with splotches of blood. His own? Perhaps. A hooded cloak thrown over are chest is preferred upper attire, unless a more formal uniform is required.

    His mother lives in the lower city with his little sister. She was lucky enough to favor human tones and nearly blends into crowds minus a very slight point to her ears.

    Joining the Watch was one of two choices that will allow him to provide for his family.

    Location: lower city Temple school.
    An institution intended to distribute basic literacy to the underprivileged. Probably seen as a waste of time to the more wealthy or the higher educated. Daily classes are held by speakers of the temple. I see it most likely used as a place the circle would scout for children with magical talent and the church to gather new acolytes.

    Law: Any form of income is to be closely monitored and regulated. Entrepreneurship is looked down on, and permits may be hard to come by... unless you know the right people. (Basically, Grannyís bake sale she wants to do to raise money for her granddaughters birthday present could be viewed as economic uprising. Punishable by severe fines.

    Iím assuming the circle has regulations on magical experimentation? Like new spells and the like? If not Iíll suggest one similar. No underground labs or anything.

    Person: Sparky Limbshaker - Gnome inventor/experimenter/philosopher
    Like many gnomes, we may consider him ADHD. a gnome of many interests... some perhaps less legal than others? Convinced he can not only turn lead to gold (eventually) but anything else v literally and figuratively.

    WIP - finish typing on my next break.
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    Name: Jabez ([ya'betz]) Snow
    Race: Half-orc
    Class: Fighter (Echo Knight)
    Description: 6' 7", 241 lbs rusty hair, blue-grey eyes, grey-green skin
    Background: born in the city, orphan at birth, raised by relatives, trained in a craft, family died, joined the guild


    Location - The Gilded Quill: a tavern frequented by the apprentices, journeymen, and masters of the scribes' guild.

    Organization - The Guild of Calligraphers, Illuminators, Scribes, and Scriveners: the guildhouse is an unremarkable structure from the outside; on the inside it resembles a library, with workrooms and bookshelves. Any guild member in good standing can check-out one book at a time and keep it for up to one month. Guild dues may be paid in coin or in guild service.

    Law - Naming Conventions for Children of Unclaimed Paternity: children of unclaimed or unknown paternity will be assigned (by the Office of Birth Registry) a surname from a list of names derived primarily from the seasons or weather; the claimed child of a man with an assigned surname may take a patronymic based on the father's given name, i.e. John Winter's son might be called Tom Johnson.
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    Name: Maxine (Max) Hawthorne
    Race: Variant Human
    Class: Rogue (Arcane Trickster)
    Description: 5'8" - Long Dark Brown hair, Brown eyes,
    Background: Raised by mother - ran away joined Butterfly Gang, Got Pinched, Sent to Fathers Family = life changed for better.

    Character Sheet = Maxine (Max) Hawthorne

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    Name: Vothe Sanderson
    Race/Class: Human Druid (Circle of Life)

    Description: Average height, average build, and almost entirely nondescript for a human man in his mid-twenties, except that his mostly jet-black hair - when seen in bright sunlight - seems to have a tint of green to it.

    Background: Vothe grew up on the edges of Whitecliff, raised by his grandmother, who just happened to teach him all he knows of nature and the wild and Life itself. Unfortunately, after she died, the boy had no one and needed food and shelter, so life in the city itself began for Vothe around age 16. He's been living in the city for a decade now and a member of the Watch for half that time, but he never misses a chance to head out into the edges of the wilderness on his off-days.

    Character sheet link:

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    The name is Cadence, but the goons in my old squad called me Cade. On the account that I can be a damn good barricade when needed.

    Human... Mostly. Where I'm from everyone tends to - ahem- get along. You're only as good as what you can pass for. Pretty sure I've got a Firbolg uncle by blood on my mom's side.

    I'm a decent enough fighter. That said uncle is teaching me some pretty nasty stuff with some runes too.

    Five-tenish, hundred and seventy something pounds. All muscle... And ale. *slaps belly*

    I'm a bit older than most candidates sure, but that's experience you're hiring. Been fighting my whole life, out of the slums and on to the battle field. Not rich enough to be a knight or anything but I can smash heads with the best of them. Hells, for the right price I'd even do it on the weekend. Buutttt, that's a young lass game, chasing the big score. I've a wife and a boyfriend at home I need to take care of, need something more stable and local. As they say, happy wife happy life and all.

    You can usually find me at the temple of iron. Sparing, weight training, yoga... they have it all there. Ask for Sans if you go and tell them I sent you. They'll give you a real good workout, just be prepared to sweat.

    ::Bonus round::

    Yeah, jus primae noctis, it's totally still on the books although there's no Sorcerer-King anymore, still technically by law if you become the Sorcerer-King you can legally have anyone's first. Wild right?
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