I have had the urge to set up a linked scenario of how "black market" sales of a clan of exiled dwarves impacts trade in a region and the best way to do this is by running a scenario for some interested players. I have simple goals on my backend for this campaign which happen to be building a subterranean ecosystem of a clan of dwarves who survive as craftsmen with a brewery and bar on the surface above their home and forge in order to secure coin while striking bargains for what they forge below. Doing this allows me to throw up a small fledgling town centered around the tavern front as the anchor which lured frontiersmen and wanderers to settle down in this place off the beaten path. This small town built on the basis of a black market front leads to an interesting place to set a campaign I feel ringed by rugged wilderness in the north lands. With this I can justify powerful lords seeking meetings with the Burhand clan in order to trade vast sums of wealth or favors for singular pieces of quality crafted items of rare materials. This in turn sets the stage for a number of companies which serve as travel guide, escort, caravan guard and mercenary company for hire linked to the tavern. Not to mention put simply, security for the fledgling community from things such as giant and orc raids coming down out of the mountains. Tower Defense, Escort, Explore, Track and retrieve, Hunt threat and Merchant Bodyguard type missions will be the standard readily available missions with this scenario therefore.

Such a scenario allows for misfits and outcasts from the nearby regions to make their home here, opening the races allowed which creates a neat intro for interested players to try something oddball. Outcast amoral dwarves tend not to judge too harshly who they employ as long as it is profitable and their laws are not broken. This also allows for a crafty dwarf homebody concept in the event there's a person who loves the homebody who does spreadsheet type crafty and merchant work instead of running through a forest swinging at orc raiders isn't your thing. Party crafter and quartermaster becomes a viable option here.

Character Creation Information: 7th, 272 XP
With this in mind, this leads to a frontiersman lean on the needed skills of a party in the region. The ability to climb, swim, track, identify food that is safe to take on the road and sleep rough when escorting wagons or hunting in the forests and hills near the Tavern. A centralized location to return to with a clan of crafty dwarf merchants provides you with someone to repair your gear and trade pay for upgrades and supplies means applying XP to those skills is not necessary within a party for this campaign like it would be in a dungeon, a nice trade to allow for feats and skills to be applied to nature survival skills and challenges a party faces. In order to facilitate the skills need to survive in a rugged place that deals with fire giant and orc raids, we need to hit a reasonable level which can soak the threat of a single fire giant raider as the base for character level. This puts us around level 7, and so level 7 will be our starting point.

Human Free race
Halfling: Free race
Clan Burhand Member: Custom Dwarf costs 81 XP on race, leaving 191 XP for character creation.
Centaur: 27 XP race, leaving 245 XP for character creation.
Spellscale: 7 XP race, leaving 265 XP for character creation.
Oread: 11 XP race, leaving 261 XP for character creation.
Ogre: 35 XP race, leaving 237 XP for character creation.
Erenil Elf: 12 XP race, leaving 260 XP for character creation.
Half-elf template: 25 XP cost to apply to another race. Leaving 247 XP for race + character creation.
Gnome: 15 XP cost race, leaving 257 XP for character creation.

Create your own race: 12 RP free, 272 XP to spend on race building and character creation.

You will utilize my classless hack, which you can find here

Wealth: 23,500 gp
Background: Choose one
Animal Companions/Mounts Adjustments: BAB= HD, HD are d10's; Feats: 2 at 1st, 1 at 3rd, 2 at 5th, 1 at 7th, 1 at 9th, 1 at 10th, 1 at 11th and 13th, 2 at 15th, 1 at 17th and 19th, 1 at 20th HD. Gear: 6000 gp; +1 Attribute of choice every 4 levels of paid scaling; 6 Skills-Int Mod per level
Familiar Adjustments: Feats: 1 at 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th; Gear: 6000 gp; +1 Attribute of Choice every 4 levels of paid scaling.

Sources: Paizo Official My hack: Use this for character creation, while referring to the PF1 SRD
Dreamscarred Press Psionics: Content on www.d20pfsrd.com High Psionics Volume 1 Psionics Expanded: Advanced Psionics Guide Psionics Augmented Ultimate Psionics
3.5 Completes PHB 2+DMG 2 UA MIC Libris Mortis Races of Stone and Dragon Draconomicon Dragon Magic Heroes of Battle Spell Compendium

Banned: Banned/Exceptions: Words of Power Sacred Geometry (feat) Spheres of Might Spheres of Power Anything like Archetypes that pull from classes that aren't allowed above.

Post Frequency: 2/weekly minimum
Characters Due: Dec 4th

In the event anyone enjoys the idea of being a crafty dwarf quartermaster, a mercenary, a wilderness scout, a giant hunter, orc exterminator or caravan guard with an organic character creation setup and new action economy and magic system feel free to hit me up with any mentions of interest and any questions you might have. I expect questions from interest players so no need to be shy. As always, thanks for reading.