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Thread: DM Mag's Classless Hack of Pathfinder 1e

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    Default DM Mag's Classless Hack of Pathfinder 1e

    Since I am hoping to run here, I thought I would do an updated video rundown of the basics of my hack, and then a how to build a custom race/creature video and then share it. I'll link this into my recruit threads OP for easy access but a standalone place for folks to look it over and a link to my hack might be useful to refer to perhaps. Bear in mind this is a project I'd done almost entirely on my own via running for players on my personal discord player, with a little help with some coding and input from them on interactions in my game. So it's an unprofessional setup that is a work in progress always as I seek to improve upon my creation and not a finished project for publishing.

    My goal is to rebalance how magic users and martials match up in power over the course of the game. To enable options for players who like concepts that do not fall into the linear lines that classes systems have. To shift how armor and attacks per round work to be more dynamic and differentiate between the brute who bashes you for 50 damage per swing once per round and the guy who needles you for 7 damage 5 times a round or the guy who focuses on dodging attacks and the guy who throws on full plate with a shield to protect him from attacks. To discard the Vanciaan system and redo magic into a build your own spell out of components and free cast spending SP setup. To enable specialized Martial Training and Chakras to allow folks to invest XP into improving things in new ways. We've shaken things up and altered a number of things in our journey in order to enable fun, organic, exciting new options for folks who still want the Pathfinder Experience.

    I started this journey before a lot of the books were released for Pathfinder, and before Pf2e was even started to be worked on. So I largely just stopped incorporating things that were printed after I started and never bothered to include them as utterly unnecessary. Just in case folks look and go "Why isn't that new book that came out a recently included!?". I started this project years ago and just made my own content, for my own world. My world is *not* Golarion and I am not for the way that is setup in that everywhere has every option. My world has regions where some races exist solely in that region and no where else. Not every tech or item is known in every nation or region and so there are limits on who knows who, who knows what, where you can get stuff and this encourages variation in what folks encounter in campaign to campaign.

    So, let's start with the basics: My hack. I hope that folks will respect the work I and my players have put into this and no one will steal this. Please be cool in that respect.
    4.2 Classless Hack

    Walkthrough of 4.2 Classless Hack

    How to Build a Battle Bear (Or any critter) as a Level 4 character

    In the event folks have questions just let me know. If folks have comments, feel free to share them. I may have my own personal vision of how I want things to go, but new perspectives can lead to good things sometimes even if I do not agree they can push me into new lines of thinking which can be good too.
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    Hacking pathfinder on no sleep. Classed games are boring af.

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