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    Hello gamers of the Tangled Web,
    I'm Lance and I've been in the tabletop RPG hobby for only about six years. In this time I've been fortunate enough to enjoy a variety of games and game systems. I primarily enjoy games using the Year Zero Engine, Savage Worlds, any OSR game or variant thereof, and GURPS. However, I will note that I will play just about anything and even have experience with nifty little "indie" games like Lady Blackbird.

    I came across this website looking for some solid play-by-post communities. Given the current status of my gaming has become the go-to.

    I would love to GM and/or play soon. Thanks, God bless and happy gaming.

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    Hello Lancelot! Welcome to TTW!

    Cheers, happy gaming and enjoy yourself. Hope to see you around the site!

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    Welcome Lance! I, too, am a newbie to the site. Iíve found it to be a friendly, tight-knit community that loves its role-playing.

    Have you had any experience with the PbP format?

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