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    Default [IC] - Basic Fantasy RPG

    Anyone here on TTW ever play Basic Fantasy?

    What? You've never even heard of it? Well, stay thy course a moment, and indulge an old man (and if you recognize that quote you should definitely sign up for this game.).

    Basic Fantasy is an RPG written by Chris Gonnerman and an active online community. It is based on the old B/X version of D&D but it has some modern touches like ascending armor class and races separate from classes.

    The whole game is a labor of love and both the core rules and all published adventures and supplements can be downloaded for free on their website:

    Or, for those of us who prefer print copies, you can get all of their print books on Amazon for cost. This means the core rule book can be had for $5 and most of the supplements and adventures are even cheaper. You can actually buy every BFRPG book in print for less than the price of a 5E Player's Handbook. I know because I did it.

    Just because something is available for free doesn't mean it is without value, however. BFRPG is a lightning-fast, rules-lite game that a group could play for years without running out of material. PCs are more heroic than super-heroic and start off very fragile compared to those in modern editions. Since the characters aren't individually very powerful, the group becomes more important to everyone's survival. The threat of character death is something everyone has to live with every game.

    While the game is hard on the characters, it is easy on the players. All the rules necessary to understand the basic game can be read in 10 or 15 minutes. Characters can be rolled up in even less time.

    But is it fun? I was running a BFRPG for my kids most of last year. We switched to 5E to see if they'd like that better and after a few months they asked to go back to Basic Fantasy, which is exactly what we did. It's a lot of fun. The simplicity of the game is a huge advantage. The rules just get out of your way and let you get on with the adventure.

    Sound interesting? Okay.

    I have a 5E one-shot running here right now, but I'm trying to plan out my next session. I'd like to run something using the BFRPG rules. I'd encourage anyone interested to comment below. If you'd like to check the rules out first, head to the website up above and look for the Beginners Essentials download or the Core Rulebook. It's all free, so there's not much to lose.
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