Session 1 Recap, 8/20
In the very first session of The Haunting of Harrowstone, are two heroines, Amaranth Draglywa and Shelly Gray, arrived at the village of Ravengro, a small farming community built around a long-ruined prison. They had both traveled far to attend the funeral of Professor Petros Lorrimor, a retired scholar and avid investigator of all things occult and arcane, whom had requested, in his will, that they both attend. Upon arriving, they met a handful of the village's more notable figures, most notable being the son and sole heir of the professor himself, Kender Lorrimor.

While the funeral was a solemn affair, it was, unfortunately, not a quiet one. The procession was interrupted by a mob of superstitious villagers, led by one particularly surly man by the name of Gibs Hephanus. The mob turned violent towards the PCs, as well as the rest of the procession, however the heroes were able to defend themselves, and while one villager was badly wounded, they managed to avoid any unnecessary casualties and drove the rabble off. The village's local priest of Pharasma, Father Vauren Grimburrow arrived afterwards to see to the wounded, and the procession finished on an uncomfortable note.

The heroes then retired to the Lorrimor estate for the evening, where they heard the final will and testament of the departed professor. With these last words, the professor asked that Amaranth and Shelly perform two favors for him - the first was to remain in Ravengro for a period of one month and look over his son, Kender, aiding him in any way they can while he decides what to do with his newly acquired estate and possessions. The second was to make a delivery of potentially dangerous tomes to a woman by name of Embreth Daramid, one of the professor's old colleagues at the University of Lepidstat. Among the tomes, the heroes discovered the professor's journal, which included in it hints that the professor had been investigating a potential threat to the town of Ravengro, the bulk of his investigations pertaining to the old Harrowstone prison, the criminals once contained within it walls, and an ancient cult known as the Whispering Way. For the time being, the heroes agreed to remain in Ravengro and look over Kender.

During their first few days in the village, the heroes experienced a handful of unsettling events, such as a ghostly carriage traversing the old road towards the prison, a mysterious and bloody "V" smeared upon the old Harrowstone memorial in the center of town, and even the body of the supposedly deceased Professor Lorrimor arising from the grave and attacking his own son.

When the session ended, the group had just finished investigating an old, empty crypt where the church of Pharasma had been using to store an emergency cache of supplies intended to fight against foes of the unholy variety.
After some down time, Kender was able to identify all the unknown items located within the crypt, and the players are awarded the following items -
Silver Arrows x12, Sun Rods x4, Flasks of Holy Water x6, +1 Ghost Touch Arrows x5, +1 Undead Bane Arrows x2, Potions of Cure Light Wounds x5, Scroll of Detect Undead x1, Scrolls of Hide from Undead x2, Scroll of Protection from Evil x1.
The cache also contained a darkwood case decorated with the image of a scarab with a single eye glaring from its back (worth 50gp). The case itself contained a spirit board, a brass spirit planchette, and a potion rack containing six iron and glass vials containing tiny, churning clouds of vapor. Kender is unable to identify the vials of vapor.