Greetings roleplayers! Welcome to the new and improving TTW!

In essence, this is a place for gamers of all ages and experience levels who want to dive into Play-by-Post forum-based roleplaying games as well as a hub for recruiting live tabletop sessions.

There have been some big changes here on the site over the last month or two. We figured it’s about time we share a public post addressing some of them.

First of all, TTW has had a change in ownership recently. For many years, the site was owned by a single person (and we thank him for taking care of it during that period and continuing to support the site even now) but recently TTW became collectively owned. A group of devoted admins and players - who, despite never meeting in real life, all shared a love of TTW and a desire to see it thrive - decided to purchase the site outright. There are six current owners/shareholders here at TTW, all of whom are longtime players and members here. All of these partial owners are administrators here as well, so if you run into a problem or need some help, these are good folks to ask. They are:

  • Drew
  • Blackfox42
  • Tiger
  • Raistlinmc
  • SoberIrishman
  • Wyrframe
  • elan

Beyond the ownership switch, TTW has seen - and will continue to see - improvement in both the near and not-so-distant future. Just in the last month, large issues have been addressed, including:

  • A full site switch to HTTPS instead of HTTP web pages, which has largely addressed a (almost entirely untrue but still concerning) warning users were seeing about the site being “not secure” when accessed via a web browser.
  • A dramatic reduction in ads, especially in-the-middle-of-a-post banner ads that were annoying some users.
  • A large increase in smileys, including DnD-inspired, class-specific ones (I’m a big fan of the monk and wizard ones, myself).
  • A streamlined and revitalized Library area on the frontpage of the site, which includes resources ranging from maps for games, to off-topic chats about exciting new releases and real-world discussions, to an Academy soon to be filled with tips, tricks and one-shot games for new and learning members.

If you’ve read this far, it means you’re probably interested in sticking around. We sure hope so! Those of us who bought this site did so for one reason and one reason only: to see it survive and thrive. We love it here and wanted to offer others the chance to discover the same sense of community, gaming, and “home” that we’ve all been lucky enough to find here at TTW.

Thank you for coming to (and hopefully joining) our growing community of gamers. New games are starting up all the time in our Recruitment area, so hop on over and join in the fun! Cheers and happy gaming, all!