Welcome to the very new and slightly improved Library/Academy area of TTW! New members and long-time veterans alike will find stuff here to pique their interest. It's a space for users ranging from learning tips and tricks for role-playing, to newbie-friendly one-shot adventures that show players the ropes of PbP gaming, and user-created content that can be as deep as epic poetry or as not-so-deep as this week's geeky video game releases. In short, it's a place for you, TTW members.

New features and content will (hopefully) be showing up here much more regularly now. It's no secret that this area of the site hasn't gotten much attention in recent years, but there are more than a few dedicated folks around here who are hoping to change all that in the near future. Be on the lookout for new threads, new articles and even new games popping up here over the coming weeks and months.

This is a place where no one need feel shy. We're a small community here, but a good one. Have a thread you want to see? Post it here. Have a question you want answered? Ask it here. This site is for its members and this is a member-generated space at its heart. Please add your voice to it if/when you want to! Some of the best friends I've made in the last ten years have come from this place and if we hadn't all spoken up when we did, we never would have met.

So welcome everyone! Please enjoy, contribute where you can and happy gaming to you all!