Shade swallows a curse. "Bloody and bone, the foul creature is blinking again!"

Bracing herself, she rushes past the grappling xill as best she can, grateful, once again, for Ulvenn's battle skills. She positions herself as safe a distance as she could from the xill while still getting close enough to the wretched hag that just refused to die. (Shade to E6)

Peasblossom rides on Shade's shoulder, already aiming her ring at the hag. "What's that, Scruff? Someone in our way?"

Shade points the stonefall wand at Zenobila, simultaneously making a mental note to buy some more wands...with more acid, if possible.

Stone call damage: Authentic Forum Dice-roll(2d6) [7]

Acid damage (7/8) Authentic Forum Dice-roll(d6) [1]

Scruff’s Band:

Attack: Authentic Forum Dice-roll(d20+16+2) [25]
Damage: Authentic Forum Dice-roll(3d6) [12]