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    Default Story of Errandurr

    This sub-forum seemed like the proper place to announce Errandûrr´s Story to those of you who don´t keep in touch with thetangledweb´s blog section.

    Just to announce because everything you might want to know about it is found in its blog category (called Errandûrr), where it is hosted.

    Here is the link to the first episode´s first part.

    What is not presented on that page you can most easily find by following the links included in the first OOC sub-part.

    Errandûrr´s Story is a sort of adventure, pre-campaign most likely; by common standards.

    I like to think of it in terms of cooperative story writing. Its nearest of kin is PbP play: Errandûrr´s tale is meant to be written also based on visitors´ comments. And it could be, as I hope it will become, in time, more than about one main PC.

    As of this writing, the Story is open for participation, so please consider yourself invited :)

    I wrote extensive OOC content so far, of which you will find a lot on the first episode part´s page, and a lot more by following the above mentioned links.

    Please don´t get scared, okay!? or bored...

    The OOC content is not meant to be taken in all at once. Its purpose is to guide participation in detail, and for it to achieve that it needs you to take hold of how you access and process it. I tried to make it as manageable as possible...

    You could start with the actual story content of that episode part, which you can identify by the text´s color: not violet; mainly blues and black. Or you could just browser-search for the words ¨...Somewhere, perhaps close by, the trees¨.

    Then, if you find the content agreeable, you may want to look at the first OOC sub-part after the story content´s end; sub-part which refers to what is expected from willing participants, at that point.

    Next you may want to read through the whole post, from top to bottom. And then to follow the links for everything else related to the Story.

    This was all I planned to share here with you, but... While writing the post, I had the idea that this thread could serve an OOC purpose, as it is usual with PbP sub-forums campaigns. We could call it a Really Out Of Context thread; ROOC for short. And it could be for anything I did not anticipate so far.

    Well, it seems that this post has to end...
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