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    Rules: Honestly, this is more for me to remember exactly what I've said in regards to rules, but for those who are looking for any rules (house rules or otherwise) it'll be here.

    Schedule: Monday-Friday expect an update every day. Saturday-Sunday there MAY be an update if there are enough posts.

    Absences: If you know you will be gone during some weekdays let me know ahead of time if possible. Either way I'll play your character during your absences.

    Extended Absence: If you are gone for a week without any explanation I will shoot you a PM, but if I don't receive a response within a week then your character will leave the party. If we are close to a town I may let them continue that way, if we are not close to a town they will probably die or otherwise disappear in some way. (I'll keep it respectful, but I don't like the hanger's ons)

    Quitting: If you decide you are not up to play anymore, for any reason, just inform me and I will find a way to sideline your character. I am open to returning players if they informed me before leaving.

    PVP: No actual PVP. RP PVP is one thing and should be kept at a safe level, but no actually duking it out without running it past the DM. (I will confer with all player's involved before allowing it)

    Critical Fumbles: Yes, we play with them, but they usually won't kill you.

    Feat Progression: I don't like trap feats, so from time to time I'll make them progress through the game. This is always open to change due to balance issues.

    Skill Modification

    Familiars: When they are slain or dismissed they do not cost their master experience points. Familiars can be dismissed without disappearing for a year and a day, they must merely reperform the ritual to resummon the familiar.

    Multiclassing: There is no penalty for multi-classing beyond the opportunity cost of not leveling up in another class.
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