The Tangled Web - Online Pen and Paper Roleplaying FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

What can I do if I don't have my password?

If you forget your password, you can click on the Forgotten Your Password link. This will appear on any page that requires you to fill in your password.

This link brings up a page where you should enter your registered email address. An email will be sent to that address shortly, with instructions for resetting your password.

Since passwords are encrypted, there is no way to resend your original password. This option provides you with the ability to reset your password.

You must be able to receive emails to your registered email address for this to work. You may need to check your spam filters and folder if you do not see this email in a few minutes.

What is 'My Profile'?

Every member has a publicly viewable profile page. This page includes information provided by the member, either during the registration process or later on via the User Control Panel.

There are a number of ways to view a member's profile. Whenever you see a member's name, clicking on it will usually take you to view their profile page.

The Member List allows you to browse all registered members, and quickly click through to public profiles.

You can also view your own public profile by clicking My Profile or clicking on your username shown in the header at the top of the page.

The public profile lists information about the member under the 'About Me' tab. It also includes statistical information, such as the number of posts they have made and their registration date.

Other information includes a list of Friends, their profile picture (if they've set one), and a list of members who have recently visited the profile page.

What is 'Notifications'?

When you are logged in, you will see a 'Notifications' option at the top of the page next to your username. You will be alerted here if you have a new Private Message, you receive a new Reputation comment, or you receive a new Friend Request.

If there are currently no notifications, then this area will instead contain a shortcut link to your Private Messages Inbox.

What is 'Subscribing'?

Subscriptions are a way of keeping track of different threads or even forums. You subscribe to them and then choose how you are notified about updates.

Click the 'Thread Tools' or 'Forum Tools' link at the top of the thread or forum and then select 'Subscribe to this Thread' or 'Subscribe to this Forum'. You will then have the option to choose the subscription mode. Some or all of the following options will be available to choose from:

  • Through my control panel only - lists the subscription in your User CP only. You do not receive any notifications about new posts or threads in the forum.

  • Daily updates by email - sends one email a day with the new and updated threads in the forum and any sub-forums. If there are no new or updated threads in the forum or its sub-forums then you will not receive an email.

  • Weekly updates by email - sends one email per week in the same way as the Daily updates

  • Instant notification by email - sends an email as soon as a new post is added to the thread.

You can manage your thread subscriptions by clicking 'View all Subscribed Threads' in your User CP. Here you can select which subscriptions you wish to change or delete

Forum subscriptions are just shown on the User CP page, and they can be individually unsubscribed from there.

What is Reputation & how does it work?

Reputation is a way for Users to rate each other, and it is a good way to see which Users are well-liked in the community and can definitely be considered trustworthy.

If you come across a post that contains something you like, you can click on the little starburst icon at the bottom of the post box and add to the User's Reputation. As a Userís Reputation grows, a green bar will begin to fill up under their username and title. It's a nice way to show that you appreciate someone's time and effort.

You can view received reputation in your User Control Panel, where it is displayed at the bottom of the page. You will see the latest reputation that you have received, whether it is positive/negative/neutral, and any comments that were included along with the reputation rating. Your total reputation will be shown as a bar that fills up the higher your score grows, visible below your username on your posts and also on your profile page.

The bar is small and gray when you have no Reputation at all, but it will turn green and start to fill up if your score increases with positive numbers. It will shrink if your score decreases, eventually turning gray again if you hit zero, and turning red and starting to fill up again if you continue to increase with negative numbers. Negative reputation may only be given by Rare Spiders (TTW Staff Members) and Enhanced Spiders.

The amount of reputation that each User will give (or take away if negative) is shown in your posts as 'Rep Power'. The value of the reputation power is determined by the administrator and may increase over time depending on the settings they have applied.

TTW Staff Members have a Rep Power of 60.

All other Users start out with a Rep Power of 1. Every 15 days, you automatically gain another point of Rep Power. For every 30 posts you submit, you can gain another 1 point of Rep Power. For every 50 points of Reputation score that you receive from other Users, you can also gain another 1 point of Rep Power. You will continue to gain Rep Power in these ways until you hit your maximum capacity value of 50.

You need a minimum of 20 posts and a reputation score of 10 before your Rep Power is included with the reputation comments you bestow on others. If you don't meet these criteria yet, you will just send neutral reputation, which will not affect the targeted User's reputation score and will only include the comment you send.

You can only give reputation three times over a 24-hour period, and they must all be to different people. If you give a reputation comment to a certain User, you must give your next two comments to two different Users before you can give a second one to that first User again.

Can I contact the other members of the site?

Absolutely. No, we won't be giving you their contact information, but we do provide a Private Messaging system for all of our members. If you know the person's TTW username, that's all you need to be able to send them a direct, personal message.

PMs work a little like email, but are limited just to the registered members of this forum. You may send a PM to a member of this forum by clicking the Send A Private Message link in the private messaging section of your User Control Panel, or by clicking the Send a Private Message link in the drop down menu that appears in a member's posts when you click on their username.

When you send a message, you have the option to save a copy of it in your 'Sent Items' folder.

By default, you will have two folders in your private message area. These are the 'Inbox' and the 'Sent' folders.

The 'Inbox' folder contains any new messages you receive. It also allows you to view all the messages you have previously received, along with the name of the person who sent it and the date and time that it was sent.

The 'Sent' folder contains a copy of any messages that you have sent, where you have specified that you wish to keep a copy for future reference.

You can create additional folders for your messages by clicking the 'Edit Folders' link.

Each folder has a set of message controls which allow you to select messages, then either move them to one of your custom folders, or delete them. Once you have selected your messages, you can choose the following options in the 'Selected Messages' box at the bottom of the list:

  • Move to Folder
  • Delete
  • Mark as Read
  • Mark as Unread
  • Download as XML
  • Download as CSV
  • Download as TEXT

You will need to periodically delete old messages, as there is a limit to the number of private messages you can have in your folders. If you exceed this number, you will not be able to send or receive new messages until you delete some old ones.

If you would like to keep a record of your messages before you delete them, you can use any of the 'Download as..' options listed above to take a copy and store them on your own computer.

Whenever you read a message, you will have the option to reply to the sender or forward it to another member or members of the forum.

When you send a new private message, you have the option to request a read-receipt. This lets you check whether or not a message has been read by its recipient. To do this, go to the 'Message Tracking' page.

This page is divided into two sections: unread and read messages.

The unread messages section shows all messages that you have sent with a read-receipt request, that have not yet been read by their recipient.

The read messages section shows all messages you have sent with a receipt request that have been read and acknowledged by their recipient. The time that the message was read is also shown.

You may choose to end the tracking on any message you choose by selecting it and clicking the 'End Tracking' button.

When you receive a message with a read-receipt request, you may have the option to read the message anyway while still denying the read-receipt request. To do this, simply click the 'Deny Receipt' link rather than the title of the message, if it appears.

What is the Member List?

The Member List allows you to view the active registered members of the forum. To view it, click on the Member List tab at the top of the page.

To quickly find a particular member, click on the Search Members link and type a username (or partial username) into the box. For further search options - including searching based on join date, post count, or home page - click on 'Advanced Search' on the search menu.

Some members may not be on the list. It only shows active members, so members who haven't had any activity in a while might not show up on the list.

What are Thread Tools?

At the top of each thread, there is a link called 'Thread Tools'. By clicking on this link, a menu will appear with a number of options:

  • Show Printable Version - this will show you a page with the thread post content in a reduced graphics format that is more printer-friendly.

  • Subscribe to this Thread - this lets you subscribe to a thread or change the way you are currently subscribed to a thread. By subscribing to a thread, you will receive updates on recent activity within it.

  • Add a Poll to this Thread - if you started the thread, you can add a poll to it with this option.

What are Tags and how do they work?

Tags are a useful way to search for threads with similar subject matter and content. This complements the normal search system, which searches only for certain words or phrases and/or posts by specific users.

To use tags, you add words or phrases to threads to help describe the content. For instance, if the subject matter is 'photography' then you can add the tag 'photography' to the tag list. But you could also add tags like 'digital image', and 'camera' (depending, of course, on the nature of the thread).

This will categorize this thread with all other threads that have matching tags, whether or not they have the word 'photography' in them.

Tags are initially added to threads by the user who started the thread. Other users can then also add tags.

Tags are displayed in a box near the bottom of a thread page. Clicking on a tag will allow you to view other threads that have the same tag - and which may be related. Clicking on the word 'Tags' in the top of the box will take you to an overview page with a 'tag cloud.'

This cloud allows you to see which tags are the most popular - the larger the word, the more times it has been used on threads within the board. There is also another tag cloud on the advanced search page that shows you the tags that have been searched for (or clicked on) the most.

Can I change the order that posts are shown?

Yes, you have a choice over how you view threads. When you're in a thread, look at the top bar. On the right hand side you'll see 'Display'. Click on this and it lets you change how posts are ordered.

You have three choices:

  • Linear Mode - posts are displayed chronologically, usually from oldest to newest. Posts are shown in a flat mode so that many posts can be viewed simultaneously. It is possible to change the ordering by changing your preferences in the User Control Panel.

  • Threaded Mode - a tree is shown along with every post. This shows you the relationship each post has to the others. It's easy to see who responded to whom. Only one post is shown at a time. By clicking on a single post in the post tree, the page will show that post and all posts made in response to it.

  • Hybrid Mode - This is a mixture of the linear and threaded modes. The post tree is displayed as in the threaded mode, but many posts are shown at the same time as in the linear modes.

What are thread ratings?

The forum allows you to rate threads between 1 star (terrible) and 5 stars (excellent). Once enough votes are cast for a thread, stars will appear next to its name in the listings. These show the average vote, and can be an easy way to see which threads are worth reading.

On the forum viewing page you can also arrange threads by rating, with either the highest or lowest at the top.

Therefore, it makes sense to rate threads because it helps all users. To do this, click on the 'rate thread' link at the top of the thread viewing page. Choose the number of stars you feel best represents the quality of the thread. You may or may not be able to change your choice of rating at a later date.

How do I deal with troublesome users?

If there are particular members that bother you and you do not want to see their posts or receive Private Messages from them, you can add these members to your 'Ignore List'.

Through your User Control Panel, choose Settings & Options, followed by Edit Ignore List. Then type the member's username into the empty text box and click 'Okay'.

You will find 'Report' links in many places throughout the board. These links allow you to alert the Staff Members to anything that you find to be offensive, objectionable, illegal, or against our site rules. Please don't hesitate to report this type of content.

Why is the Profiler so bad?

Well, right now it just is. We put our focus elsewhere in the beginning and ended up with a good site that had a crappy profiler, and it only got worse as it got older, so we just use the ones on Mythweavers and usually ask our players to do the same. There will be a big site revamp/redesign, though, that will take place over the course of late 2020/early 2021, and a new profiler will be a part of that, becoming available late February.

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