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Gestalt combination Ideas

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well, ive recently been asked to run a high level pathfinder campaign by my friends at school and, as a result of making a gestalt character combinations, came up with an interesting solution to reoccurring NPCs. since most of the party has taken levels in rogue i thought about using Gestalt classes 2 character levels higher then the party (as most fights would be 4-6 vs one)

so far ive come up with, what i find, very interesting character selections. here are some i intend to create and i would be more then happy to hear your own ideas.

the paladin worships the god of magic and has had a holy avenger blessed by his god that, when stuck in the ground, creates a 15ft diamater barrier that disallows all material things from passing through (with the exception of magic spells or magical ammunition)

this combination seemed like an amazing idea after i thought about it for a while. the druid would be able to wildshape into an animal (his pefered wildshape being a bear) and be able to make a flurry of blows with his attacks (with increased damage dice of the monk, whichever is higher)

this character is a fence in the thieves guild. using the feats "throw anything", "improvised weapon proficiency", and "quickdraw" he would attack rather with equipment (such as bladed scabbards, blade-boots, or the alchemist's bombs/grenade like weapons)

using a composite bladebow allows this NPC to use ranged attacks with his strength, then act as a normal barbarian and rage.

Sorcerer-Freehand fighter
this NPC, being a vampire, that i modified his level drain into a strength drain uses a sword and his free hand to make grapples or to cast spells. he is able to throw opponents after making a grapple check as well as deliver his strength drain ability (or a bloodline touch ability which causes fear on a second hit without a save) this NPC is able to control the distance of the PCs as a fighter as well as a mage

Sorcerer-Knifemaster, Shadowdancer-Assassin
able to cast spells, deal d8's on sneak attacks made with knives, hide in plain sight, walk through shadows and use poisons this NPC is by far the most dangerous ive thought up. as a fairness to the NPCs ive thought up a backstory which in short, the assassin is cursed, and not able to deal more then 1/2 a players remaining HP in a sneak attack (making it impossible to kill using it)

the main thing about this character is that he is able to set up an ambush. using wildshape (druids being able to wildshape into the form of an elemental at lvl 6) this NPC changes into an earth elemental then uses its Earth glide ability to hide and create the ambush

id be happy to hear ideas from other people willing to contribute and feel free to use these in your campaigns.

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  1. Magrus's Avatar
    I'm running a gestalt game, so this amused me. None of these combos made it into my game.
  2. Solsword's Avatar
    i actually sat down and tried to think of some interesting combinations. id be more then happy to hear any you have thought up as well
  3. Magrus's Avatar
    I *would* but some of my players are showing up to view this.
  4. Major_Muffin's Avatar
    These are cool, I am about to run a real life "overpowered" campaign, where everyone is lvl 13 and is allowed to take races, classes, templates, feats and spells from any dnd book, resulting in some very powerful characters. I think I will be taking some of these ideas to add a good challenge, especially the druid/monk.