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OpenCartographer: The next evolution of OpenRPG and Traipse

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Well ladies and germs, ol' AdamX20 has been hard at work bringing the latest and greatest upgrades to the original OpenRPG software. After having just tested out the early stages of his newest OpenRPG --> Traipse rebuild, I have to admit, I'm quite impressed.

The new software, which will be released under the name OpenCartographer, is the next evolution of the original OpenRPG code base. The first thing I noticed on downloading a pre-Alpha version was that OpenCartographer will boast a much cleaner, trimmer interface. It still features the old familiar Game Tree on the left, but it also has added an additional area for characters called the Character Tree beneath that.

The old top menu has been replaced by a shiny Icon Menu that will include some of the most often used functionality like the new Map Toolbox, Grid Control, Special Effects like Light and Dark areas and more.

Another great improvement is the new Update system. I was in the Tangled web's IRC chatroom chatting with AdamX20 as he revealed his current work when I noticed a glitch in the drawing tool. Within just a few minutes, he had found the cause of the glitch and corrected it. He instructed me to make three clicks in order to update and, a few moments later, that pesky line that wouldn't delete was obliterated with extreme prejudice.

At the time of this writing, a few key features like chat and netorking had not been included, and these features are essential to a fully functioning virtual game table. However, I'm confident that AdamX20 will have no trouble getting these feature built back in and I can't wait to see the initial release version.

I'm attaching a screen shot of the new interface for those of you that are curious.

Tell me what you think.

Tell AdamX20 what new features you'd like to see.

Tell us that you have a hot sister that you'd trade for... um...

I digress.

Anyway, there's going to be a new contender in the ring for Supreme Open Source Virtual Game Table here soon and

You heard it here first folks.

Roll for initiative Monkey Boys!

Look for the Alpha version to be released at the end of the summer.

Let us know if you're interested in helping out with the play testing.
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