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Going through my old Mythweavers sheets and what I've learned

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PC Thoughts and Experiences

So I have been playing RPGs for about 5 to 6 years. I know that’s nothing compared to some of you all. This does mean that I have a whole lot of characters sitting in my Mythweavers sheets page, some of which I’m currently playing, some were just fun ideas I had, and many are from abandoned games. So, I’m gonna go through each and every one and describe my thought processes and experiences with each character. Some of these will be fairly in-depth, and others very brief.

Abel Quickhammer
System: DnD 3.5
Basics: Human Fighter 6

Abel was the first PbP character I created, for RWA’a Private Eyes of West Portside. He had a charisma penalty, but I chose to roleplay that as him beign socially awkward and very self concious. I really enjoyed playing him for quite a while. But, after a while, the original players I was playign with left, and I wasn’t really enjoying myself with the new batch of players, so I ended up leaving that campaign. The campaign itself closed soon after, which was a shame, because there were some really clever and creative ideas.

I made Abel as a Human fighter because I was learning 3.5 from the ground up, and wanted to make the easiest possible character to create. I think he took about 3 days straight of work, since all I had was the wiki and no one to help teach me.

Andreas Bridges
System: DnD 5e
Basics: Human Rogue 1

I wanna say Andreas was the first ever 5e character I made. The basic idea was that Andreas was a charlatan and huckster, a fantasy version of the classic snake oil salesman. Sadly, the DM seemed to lack direction and the game folded in weeks. I’m pretty sure the basic campaign idea is that all of the PCs, which there were 8 of us, were pretending to be reincarnated ancient heroes. Clever idea, but even clever ideas need some driving force behind them to work.

Tyrus Steelwood
System: Pathfinder
Basics: Half-elf Bard 4

I have fond memories of Tyrus. The basic idea was that the PCs were all members of a pirate crew trying their dead level best to go straight. Tyrus was also my first attempt playing as a spellcaster. I chose Bard, since they had a fairly small number of spells that I would have to know, and could still be useful for combat if he ran out of spells, I played him all the way to level 4 and he had some CRAZY feats, like talking a guy out of punching him in the face, dressing as a woman to escape his wanted poster, and outsinging a siren. Sadly, the DM ghosted without warning, leaving the rest of his story untold.

Facilier DuPont
System: Pathfinder
Basics: Fetchling Magus

I built Facilier for an Arcanis game. He was my first attempt at building a Magus. Sadly, the DM ghosted and the game only lasted a few weeks. I also tried to type for him in a “Nawlins” (New Orleans, Lousiana) accent. As a guy from Ohio who’s only known about five people from lousiana, I’m sure it was super inaccurate.

Bomber MaClain
System: Pathfinder
Basics: Tiefling Alchemist
I built this guy for a horror survival campaign. That was a mistake. Resources were very limited, and there was a lot of combat mostly with undead. Alchemists are not good in those circumstances. If you’re running an alchemist and throw all your bombs early, you’re basically out of luck. Ultimately, the game did not last very long.

Susannah Beaumont
System: Pathfinder
Basics: Aasimar Magus 1
I built this character with a friend for a discord based play by post game set in a magical school. The idea was that we would play as twin sisters with magical abilities that found ourselves separated by our paths. I built a magus and my friend made a bard. The game has slowed way down, but I guess it still exists, at least in some form.

Y’arn Battah
System: Pathfinder
Basics: Catfolk Ranger (Skirmisher) 4
This character was built for Athelos Rising, which was a unique campaign that featured 3 different parties in different parts of the world at the same time. Everyone else in that group was making a melee focused character, so I built a ranged focused one with some magical arrows. We started that campaign out in a region known as Heltos, fighting in a gladitorial arena. I got s much flak for naming him a blatant cat pun.

Charity Woodbyrgge
System: Pathfinder
Basics: Half-Elf Brawler 4
Ah. This lady. I’m still actively playing her in a Discord based Monday night live game set in an industrial fantasy city. I wanted to play a frontline character, since the other two starting players were running a Summoner and a Cleric. I decided on Brawler, because I really hadn’t had the chance to take that class for a proper test drive yet. The race was actually something I went back and forth on for quite a while. I had thought about makign her a Half-Orc, but big strong half orc woman has been done to death, even by me. More on that later. I decided making her half-elf, a race tradionally used for bards and rogues would be a unique twist. This was the right deciscon, as she has been a TON of fun to play.

Naravia Ralar
System: DnD 5e homebrew
Basics: Dwarf Rogue (Theif) 3
Naravia was built for a friend’s Dragon Age 5e hack. I did have a lot of fun making her and playing with her. She was more or less the party’s face. Ultimately, that game shuttered when that particular friend that was Dming left the server.

Thraith Blazinggrog
System: DnD 5e
Basics: Dwarf Monk 2
Thraith is my dwarven monk that I am currently playing in a Lost Mines of Phandelver game on The Tangled Web’s Discord. It’s fun to play a drunken sailor as a dwarf monk. That’s really all I have to say about him.

Falcon Giantpuncher
System: Pathfinder
Basics: Dwarf Brawler 1
Okay. To be fair, I did use Thraith’s basic concept once before, when I made Falcon. The basic idea of that game was that we all basically were sailors that had access to a cleric domain. It was actually a really fun concept, but the game didn’t last long, due to the DM ghosting. Falcon’s main thing was that he was a bit memey. Every time he attack an enemy, he would yell “FALCON PUNCH!” or whatever move he used. I do wish I had got to play him more. I guess that’s why I recycled his basic idea for Thraith Blazinggrog.

Gloria McTavish
System: Pathfinder
Basics: Aasimar Sorcerer 1 (Celestial Bloodline)
This is an example of a character I made just to make. I used her once in a one shot, but I haven’t used her since. I think I originally made her as a backup character for RWA’s magic academy game, but I never got the opportunity to play her.

System: DnD 5e
Basics: Forest Gnome Barbarian 3
I built this character for the 2018 Dungeon delver game. I don’t think I finished it in time. I believe I polished it up for another 5e game that I never got to play. Oh well. Sometimes, even though a character might have an interesting concept behind It, you will never get the chance to play it.

Zaharias Bakas
System: DnD 5e
Basics: Human Rogue 4/Cleric 6
This character lasted all of about 3 sessions. A friend had a concept for a game where we would swap back and forth between 2 characters, one at level 5 and the other at level 10. This one was the level 10 character, an ex-pirate who found religion and became a cleric. The world was more or less based on an alternate history version of our world mixed with some fantasy, and was set on on of the Greek Isles. Or the world’s equivalent. The DM went absent for a while and the players just assumed that he lost interest. This has been an issue with this particular DM before. He tends to lose interest and wants to switch systems or campaigns frequently.

Banzanir Banks
System: DnD 5e
Basics: Halfing Paladin 3
I built this character for a oneshot on Discord. If I remember correctly, each character had one maxed out stat. I believe his was Constitutio. Ultimately, the players lost interest in the oneshot and it closed after a couple months.

Karl Von Drexen
System: Pathfinder
Basics: Half-Orc Paladin (Holy Gun) 2
I created Karl for a Pathfinder detective noir game set in the 1940’s. I though creating a Paladin who smote evil by shooting things would be a lot of fun. I was right about that, he was a very fun character to play Unfortunately, the game shuttered suddenly when the DM ghosted. Shame. I had a lot of fun playing him.

Horatio De Scalles
System: DnD 5e
Basics: Dragonborn Paladin (Devotion) 6
I made Horatio for the 2017 Dungeon Delve. He was a stuffy, blustery ridiculous paladin. He did contribute to the team, which managed to win the dungeon delve. There’s not really anything else to say about him.

Jayek Stonecracker
System: Pathfinder
Basics: Dwarf Monk 1
So, this is probably the first iteration I did of the fisticuff dwarf concept I would reuse for Thraith and Falcon. I made Jayek for a Serpent’s Skull adventure path PbP game. For those of you unfamiliar, Serpent’s Skull is a module about a shipwrecked crew surviving on a deserted and mysterious island, ala Lost. It was a fun game, but the DM ended up shuttering it.

Kylea Seafoot
System: Pathfinder
Basics: Halfling Ranger (Urban) 1
I made this character for a Curse of the Crimson Throne game, which is an adventure path set in a political intrigue full city. I was not selected for the game. I guess I can recycle or reuse her at some point.

Karana Xorua’gush
System: Pathfinder
Basics: Half-Orc Cleric 5
I made Karana for a Jade Regent game. Essentially Jade Regent is an adventure path where you all are escortign a new empress to her homeland. This was a little frustrating, as the DM had decided to switch campigns mid game. We had started off playing as detectives in a Wuxia (Chinese Martial Arts Movie) campaign, but the DM grew dissatisfied. More on that later. We were given the choice to make new characters or continue with new ones. I chose to abandon my rogue and make a cleric instead. Unfortunately, that campaign came to an abrupt end when the DM left the site.

Aelza Frostbourne
System: Pathfinder
Basics: Half-Orc Sorcerer (Elemental, Water) 3
I made this character for a game a friend was supposed to run. I did basically shamelessly steal Elsa from Frozen and turn her into a Half-Orc sorcerer. Ultimately, the friend that was going to run backed out, and the game was never run. Oh well. Another character for the maybe one day pile.

Ferdis Xer’gan’Oreaex
System: DnD 5e
Basics: Dragonborn Wizard (Evoker) 3
I made this character for One-Shot Wonders, a campaign that was basically a series of one-shot adventures strung together. Ultimately, I did not have the time to commit and ended up dropping out of the game. I think the game closed shortly thereafter.

Ink on Skin (Ink)
System: DnD 5e
Basics: Tabaxi Sorcerer (Shadow) 5
This character was created for that game I mentioned earlier where we would switch between two characters, a level 5 and a level 10. I only had a chance to player her once for a single session. Which is sad. The gypsy tabaxi shadow cat lady was a lot of fun to play. Sadly the DM ended up ghosting.

Shana Woodfall
System: DnD 3.5
Basics: Halfling Expert 5/ Ranger 1
Ah. Shana. This was a fun character. I made a wannabe ranger at a school for adventurers. Everyone started with some NPC levels, then learned regular class levels. She was clumsy and socially awkward and spoke with a very thick country bumpkin accent. Sadly, I was stretched too thin and didn’t give her that much attention. Eventually, the game ended up foldig anyways when the DM ghosted the site.

System: Pathfinder
Basics: Tengu Alchemist 1
Smokebeak is my most recent creation. I made him for Boethius’ Fall of Melior reboot. I went back and forth on what exactly to build. I considered building a magus for a while, then an alchemist, then an Oracle or Shaman. I knew I wanted to play a Tengu, a race I really hadn’t had the chance to play yet. Ultimately, I let a roll of the dice decide what class I would play, and the dice chose Alchemist. I chose to make him very into SCIENCE! I kinda stole his personality from an NPC blacksmith in an online singleplayer RPG. I really haven’t had the chance to play with him much, since the game really just started very recently.

Sage Gardener
System: DnD 5e Homebrew
Basics: Demigod Fighter 1
I’m currently playing this character in the world of the Percy Jackson books. We’re using a 5e hack to play as campers at Camp Half-Blood. For those of you not familiar with the premise of those stories, essentially the Greek Gods are alive and well in America, and still having kids with mortals. My kid is a 12 year old son of Demeter, goddess of growth and nature from rural Texas. It’s been an interesting ride so far. I’m looking forwards to seeing where the DM goes from here.

Alejandro Falcon
System: Pathfinder
Basics: Human Monk 2
Ah. This one. Originally, I wanted Alejandro to be a masked wrestler, like a Luchador. I planned for him to use the Tetori monk archetype, which would have worked for this concept very well. I eventually changed my mind and went with just a vanilla monk, because the Tetori archetype was too complex for me to grasp immediately. I initially had fun with him, but as the campaign whiplashed between monsterous types and places, I kinda lost interest and stopped playing. That campaign folded soon after.

Pacha Karzonger
System: DnD 5e
Basics: Dwarf Bard 1
This is another one session character. The idea was that we were an all bard fantasy rock band touring from town to town. My dwarf was the drummer of the band, and I built him to eventually take the War College. The DM decided to switch campaigns to the Dragon Age 5e hack. I do think that the basic concept could be a lot of fun. Bards are one of my all time favorite classes, and can be built in so many different ways. I would be down for another All bard game.

Virakekk Blackfall
System: Pathfinder
Basics: Drow Rogue 6
This was the result of me trying to be as edgy as possible. I think the most basic thought was “HeY a DrOw RoGuE WoUlD bE fUn To PlAy”. Unfortunately, this was for a Wuxia game. He really didn’t fit in with a group of chinese martial arts detectives. I swapped him out for Karana, the Half-Orc Cleric.

Washington Silverwood
System: Pathfinde
Basics: Half-Elf Slayer (Bounty Hunter) 5
This was for a noir game set in 1800’s London in an alternate world with fantasy beings and creatures. I made my character the son of a slave woman and an elf plantation owner who escape to the frontier and then to Canada from there where he became a bounty hunter then moved to London. This was a fun and interesting concept for a game and it’s a pity that the DM ghosted.

Well that’s all of them. I know I didn’t have as many of some of you, but this was still a stiff undertaking to go through all of them. I did learn some lessons about myself and Play by Post by going through them.

1. Holy Crap do I like Chaotic Good.
SO many characters on this list are Chaotic Good. I think it’s my default alignment for most PCs. It gives me the freedom to work outside the law and a moral compass of some kind.

2. More 5e than I thought
As a self-proclaimed Pathfinder apologist, it shocked me how many of my characters were for DnD 5e. I guess it means I really am a flexible player.

3. I favor Martial and mixed classes over pure casters
Quite a few of my characters mix martial prowess and magic. I also have a penchant for support classes and people just straight punching things. I like to have options in battle.

4. Very few PbP games get very far
So many of these PbP games NEVER break into mid-level or high level play. A lot of games only get a few sessions in, or at max 3 or 4 levels. Some are because the DM switches games or ghosts completely.

5. Clever ideas do not equal good campaigns
A lot of times, a DM may have a creative or clever idea. This does not mean that it will become a long lasting campaign, or even survive more than a few levels. It’s important to choose wisely when you pick a campaign to join.

Well, I hope you guys got some inspiration or insight from this.



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