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Blades in the dark

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It was the flash of off-whites and jovial tone that said it was going to be everything but, "Alright. Allow me to explain exactly how this goes. This is Doskvol." The teeth and voice like gravel belonged to a large man; tall and barrel-chested. His coat made his shoulders seem even broader than they already were to hold those logs one could only assume were his arms, which made the hairy cinder blocks on the end his fist. And what he clutched in it...

"My Doskvol. And you... you're just scoundrels." It made him chuckle, the thick mustache spread across his face with his wide grin now indistinguishable from is mutton chops. "Ne'er-do-wells, vermin, a detestable licentious plague set upon my beautiful Doskvol." The smile had vanished, all that remained was the rifling swirling into the infinite pitch of the inside of the pistol barrel. "And so help me, by the blue of my coat, I shall rid her of you!"


'Ello 'ello loves, welcome to And dusk fell. Home to all the best scoundrels; that's you. Here you'll face off against opposing scoundrels, the bluecoats, spirit wardens, angry vengeful ghost, even the empire itself in an industrial fantasy London/Venice/Prague inspired city filled with the occult, violence and a heaping dose of indulgent vices. Take on roles from cutter to whisper and everything in between as you advance your crew from the bottom and now here by claiming turf, collecting rep and clearing heat. Be it by breaking kneecaps or summoning ancient demons to do your bidding, the only limit is your imagination and the luck of the dice of course.

System: Blades in the dark
Medium: PbP
Posting Requirements: 3 days a week. Characters without replies for a week will be npc'd.
Playbooks available: At the moment only cutters, hounds, leeches, lurks, slides, spiders and whispers are playable. I'm not oppose of characters becoming ghosts, hulls, and vampires in the narrative if it comes to that. Crews are limited to those outlined in the core material only and will be chosen once enough members have joined and decided.

Please submit a character concept as your application, be sure to add at least one plot hook. EG; plague doctor with a dark secret that will see kept by any means, or former aristocrat that lost it all and gained a list. Be creative and as detailed as you like. Be sure to also note the playbook you would like. Slide, spider, leech etcetera.

I'm looking for four, willing to take as many on as want but note crews won't go over four players typically so expect additional crews to inhabit another part of Doskvol. It should be big enough for you all... For now at least.

Character sheets will be finalized on roll20. No joining necessary, I can fill out the sheet for you and you can keep records how you like. I'll be using roll20 for ease of access and updates only, no actually play is expected offsite.

Beginners to Blades in the dark are more than welcomed, encouraged even. I'm more than happy to work with anyone also the free starter guide is an excellent reference, easily found online and has everything needed to play. (Terrible Cockney accents aside)