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After reading someone else's character updates
I was inspired to share my opinion of what's going on with my characters.

My detective fighter is after whoever is causing mysterious events at the local theater. They've tracked an associate of one of their prime suspects, who's dad USED to own the theater back in the day, to a tavern made of a giant turtle shell.

My poor half-elf bard is now in a dress. Or a tunic and skirt to be more proper. He recently found out that his pirate past caught up with him and his name and face are plastered all over the city. In order to get out, He's in disguise as a woman. I think this whole thing has inspired him to take Alter Self when he levels up.

The Edgelord Drow Rogue is snooping around asking questions. He recently found out where the previous team of investigators is being held. I think he'll try to talk the others into either breaking them out or at least talking to them.

My monk is getting ready to punch a skeleton in the face. The party was exploring a creepy basement when they came across some runes. The destroyed most of them, but one triggered, summoning an armored skeleton.


Rookie Card:

The Party has made their way to a small town for a delivery. They were chilling in the tavern when a drunk farmer got all up in their faces. I'm going to have the law step in here in a moment. But what the players don't know is that farmer is about to die, triggering the murder mystery part of this questline. It should be fun. I've never tried running a murder mystery before.

Phoenix Squadron:
The party at level 2 is mid-combat with a Level 5 Half-Orc Fighter. I decided that he had history with the party's half-orcs. So far, I've gotten some DELICIOUS RP out of it. Once they're through that, they can finally deliver the bodies of the dwarves they recovered during their first adventure. I'm not 100 percent sure where they're going next. I have an Idea, I just need to flesh it out more before they get to it.


  1. Isada's Avatar
    I can't wait to see Tyrus get to use his disguise!
  2. mdh's Avatar
    Maximilian might be up for a rescue mission. So should he whip out the evil magic sword and try to sell it to the psion?
    Updated 05-06-2017 at 10:01 AM by mdh