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Ye Olde Tavern- This is Amazing XD

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As GhoulRising watches the flaming hearth in front of him, a nice bourbon in his hands, smooth jazz playing softly and blending with the raining sound outside of his manor, Gerŗrd the butler quietly enters the dim-lit room. His silence was a most welcome trait for Ghoul, which was a person of few words.
"It came, monsieur Ghoul" Says Gerŗrd, swiftly producing a crimson envelop and excusing himself out of the room. Ghoul can feel the tension and the joy, as he uncracks the wax seal and opens up the paper.

Hmmm yees.... Yeeeess... This will do nicely -
he says, grinning wickedly to the paper, as a thunderclap reveals his malefic visage for a brief moment. With a vile satisfaction, he laughs, quietly at first, but unable to control it later the laughter turns maniacal. There will be blood on the manor this night.