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Blog 62: Learning Curves

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I'm working on an application for the World of Darkness 2nd Edition Mage and Werewolf game right now--it's a system I've never used before. That in itself is pretty daunting, but there's also the lore factor.

The lore is so comprehensive and integrated into the mechanics (it's gotta be because this system is so rp-heavy). On the one hand, I'm loving it! On the other hand, I have no idea if what I'm writing to flesh out the character concept that I have matches the actual lore and mechanics needed for the character. Scary.

But, gotta start somewhere, right? interesting and expansive as this system is, this is the first game of its kind that I've encountered on this site. If I don't get into the game, it seems unlikely that I'll have another chance anytime soon. Sad, but a very real possibility.

The mechanics are really so intriguing, though. Even if my character Niels doesn't make the cut, I'm still going to be taking a hard look at them for homebrew purposes.

As you may know, I'm about to run a Wuxia detective campaign. I want it to be as Wuxia as possible, which means extending the definitions of the usual rules to allow for more thematic material. And learning the rules of a different system can help expand the ways that you typically think of rules.

The RL
My vacation ends tomorrow, sigh. School vacation, anyway. The new semester starts up tomorrow. I have no idea who any of my professors or classmates will be *sweats*