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Blog 60: Off the Plane!

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Goodbye, beautiful Okinawa--hello again, Taiwan! I just got back from vacation and am just chilling while in traffic on this bus. We took a TON of photos and I got to try all the Japanese food I've really wanted to try (in Japan): curry, ramen, goya champuru, sushi, and lots of others.
The fam and I mostly went to really scenic natural sites, but yesterday we hit up this famous shopping district. For five hours. That was painful. And at the end we just bought a whole dang cake to eat--it was amazing though, purple sweet potato cheesecake.
I liked the caves best, but those photos didn't come out very well for the most part because it was so dark. And then we saw the Eisa dance with the shamisen and drums which was terrific! But we couldn't take photos. Suffice to say, there's a reason the music in Kubo and the Two Strings is magic, and you can feel the beat of the drums in your heart/chest cavity.
Driving on the left side of the road can really send you for a loop, though. We had a couple of near misses and navigator kerfuffles. Fortunately, most gave the car clearly marked 'foreign driver' a wide berth.
Oh, and because we went during the off season, we had the beach at the hotel to ourselves!!! It only rained one day, too.

Anyway, I'll be working on catching up in my campaigns as soon as we've gotten back and unloaded all this stuff. See you guys soon!^^


  1. Isada's Avatar
    So, I went through the photos and yeah, sadly most of the cave pics did not come out

    And I completely forgot about all the manatee photos that I have. I love manatees. I haven't put those up in the album. The quality wasn't great (probably too excited to focus, ahaha). But yeah, MANATEES. They were adorable and they roll like mammal subs when the swim^^.