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  1. Blog 73: Holiday

    Last night I was supposed to be studying for this Mandarin exam, but tbh the last one was so easy that I didn't have enough fear to motivate me. Instead, I did a wee little bit of editing on Song of the Beast, the Total Conversion project from Curse of Strahd, and worked on a map for my campaign.
    This exam was actually much harder, urk. But I did hand out little chocolate Santas before the exam, so... Ahaha, yeah no, there's no way I'm getting a Santa bump on that grade.

    The ...
  2. Blog 72: Campaign and the RL

    We're about halfway through the interrogations, whoohoo! In present time on board the ship, we're moving forward one step at a time. I realized only yesterday that I hadn't made it explicitly clear that it was possible to discover clues related to the case while in the present time as well as through the investigations. Whoops. Yeah, so despite seeming like a prologue, it is actually the start of the investigation.

    But it's okay for the players not to find all the clues in this first ...
  3. Blog 72: Character Updates!

    Is out SHOPPING with her good friend and leader!!! She's going to help her get fitted for a dress fit for a noble event, so she's super excited for her friend.

    Hopefully isn't about to walk into a trap. She's out with the team taking the offensive against some ruffians at their base. There's been no sign of anyone so far, so it's been pretty tense.

    May finally be getting a look at the book that almost everyone nearly died to get a ...
  4. Blog 70: Campaign and the RL

    I hadn't realized this when I set out to DM a mystery campaign, but perhaps I should have: there seems to be a rather fine line between information and data. That is, I really don't want to give away too much, right? I want the players to be able to figure things out. The hard part for me is telling how much is too much. When does the 'data' become 'information'?

    Talk about a learning curve. This one I think will take a lot of fine-tuning. I think there should be plenty of opportunities ...
  5. Blog 69: Mechanics

    In the campaign, we've already had one player do some mostly rp combat, but I'm hoping to give everyone to test out the Wuxia combat mechanic shortly. Well, sort of. The combat may occur earlier or later depending on the post rate.

    In its first iteration, it looks like this (Attack, roll not rollv):
    DC Feat
    10 Average
    20 Skilled
    30 Wuxia Hero, ex: running over water until the end of your next turn (move speed)
    40 Wuxia Legend, ex: flying until the ...