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  1. Blog 106: Campaign

    Hooray! We finished the first Log!!! Which means we've also just entered the open world portion. From here on out, the detectives can pursue the missing persons case any way that they wish, really. The PCs almost have all of the first set of clues, which is the milestone they need to level up.

    The next set may be somewhat obscured since this is a big city with lots of current events going down. Hopefully, they can look back at what they've learned already to help guide them. They have ...
  2. Blog 105: Crash, My Last

    The final character I'm working on is in the Mutants and Masterminds system. She was based off the Mystic archetype, but she had some healing cobbled on.

    The first time around, I picked the archetype because it sounded pretty cool. But tinkering with the prebuild was a nightmare and I needed serious aid from the DM. I basically just gave the ok to everything because I had no idea what all these numbers meant.

    Coming back to the system, I'm finding that I'm understanding ...
  3. Blog 104: The Commemorative One!

    Happy Valentine's day, my cool cats XOXO. Or Singles Awareness Day, whatever, it's all good. I got nothing going on today except school and work bc that's just how I roll. And I work this Saturday, whee.

    Anyway this is gonna be my commemorative post, yay! It's Valentine's-themed, kinda. It's a list of things that I've loved rp-ing with ya'll. All the campaigns have multiple great moments, so these aren't all-inclusive, just what came to mind first, ahaha.

  4. Rolling and point buy ability scores for Pathfinder

    Curiosity got the better of me so I've spent 10 minutes calculating distribution of point buy values for 4d6rb3 (roll four d6, reroll all 1s, take the best 3). A score of 6 was assigned a value of -6,
    5 a value of -9
    4 a value of -12
    and 3 a value of -16.

    Attachment 17752

    Mean: 29.83
    Standard deviation: 10.69
    Probability of generating a score value of 15 or higher: 93.35%
    Probability of generating a score value of ...
  5. Blog 103: Campaign

    Still not commemorative--I'm planning on doing a commemorative one tomorrow, possibly Valentine's Day themed.

    Today's a shoutout to my fine folks in my Wuxia Detectives campaign. I think we might be on track to pick up on 2/15. We're at the very end of the first Log, mostly rp wrap-ups at this point. And may get the final few clues. We'll see. If not, they'll have the opportunity in port. Then the first level up, yay!

    I was super freaked out about running ...