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  1. Titanic Brawler

    Titanic Brawler
    The Titanic Brawler specializes in subjugating tremendous adversaries by manipulating ki to perform herculean feats of strength and prowess. Those who walk this path excel in applying brawn and technique to cow even the mightiest of foes.

    Grapple Specialist
    At 3rd level, as a practitioner of Titanic Brawling, you learn to capitalize incorporating grappling maneuvers into your fighting style. You double the proficiency bonus for any strength athletics or ...

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  2. Blades in the dark

    It was the flash of off-whites and jovial tone that said it was going to be everything but, "Alright. Allow me to explain exactly how this goes. This is Doskvol." The teeth and voice like gravel belonged to a large man; tall and barrel-chested. His coat made his shoulders seem even broader than they already were to hold those logs one could only assume were his arms, which made the hairy cinder blocks on the end his fist. And what he clutched in it...

    "My Doskvol. And