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  1. Blog 231: Campaign Novelization (End)

    Omg, this is it. This is the last chapter. How's everything, this entire campaign, gonna wrap up in a single chapter? Well, it's possibly more of an open-ended ending than expected. DUN DUN DUN.


    Chapter 42: Terms and Conditions

    The six ran up the black marble stairs and between two of the twelve columns carved with the twelve guises of Aroden that supported the massive dome overhead. Mathal kicked ...
  2. Blog 230: Campaign Novelization

    Here it is. The big final battle. It's got my second favorite title, ahaha. There are parts of the chapter more inspired by Megamind than this movie, but I just couldn't think of a good way to get that into the title, ahaha.

    There are some references to characters who appeared back at the very beginning, so if any recap is needed, all the previous chapters are on Wattpad (, and FF and AO3 as Council of Thieves.
    BUT it's probably not necessary.
  3. Blog 229: Campaign Novelization

    Was I, as the author, really about to let Gorvio go unscathed for that confession? No meta way. So this is the chapter where everyone gets to beat the crap out of each other while preparing for the finale. Final countdown: 2 (chapters)!


    Chapter 40: Bet on the House

    The seven gathered around the low, wooden table upstairs. With the early arrival of Mathal and Moris, ...
  4. Blog 228: Campaign Novelization

    The campaign is closing in on that grand finale. This is the chapter where the character growth beats have to happen because that falling action is about to start falling reallly fast. There are only three chapters left! So here's where you get to see old Mathal v. new Mathal and get more background on some of the other characters.


    Chapter 39: Take Back the Night

    By ...
  5. Blog 227: Campaign Novelization

    This one is named after that one setting in Pinocchio where everybody goes to eat candy and burn things but it turns out that just turns them into donkeys. It's like a combo of the island of the Lotus Eaters and Circe's place. Nobody gets polymorphed into a donkey here, only in spirit, ahaha. There's a whale moment, too, but it's definitely blink-and-you'll-miss-it.

    In short, this is a giant break from all the action, ahaha.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...
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