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  1. DM Thoughts- NPC creation process

    Hello Again

    Itís Lake here with another blog about being a DM or GM. This blog is going to be all about NPC creation and the steps I take. This is really only going to cover my process for important NPCs. Minor NPCs I usually improvise.

    Step 1: The Role.

    When creating a new NPC, I usually start with the role they plan in their communityor the campaign. Are they the captain of the guard, the local blacksmith, or even the lord? ...
  2. Going through my old Mythweavers sheets and what I've learned

    PC Thoughts and Experiences

    So I have been playing RPGs for about 5 to 6 years. I know thatís nothing compared to some of you all. This does mean that I have a whole lot of characters sitting in my Mythweavers sheets page, some of which Iím currently playing, some were just fun ideas I had, and many are from abandoned games. So, Iím gonna go through each and every one and describe my thought processes and experiences with each character. Some of these will be fairly in-depth, ...
  3. Play by Post vs. Live games: My thoughts

    Play by Post vs. Discord games

    Recently, I've been working on two different Starfinder games, one I'll be running live on Discord and one here on The Tangled Web. As I've been prepping those games, I've been thinking about the differences in Dming those styles of tabletop playing. The following are just my thoughts on how those formats of playing differ and how they're similar.


    Forum based play by post is inherently a slow ...
  4. Lake's Theory of Dungeon Master Alignment (Revised)

    Lake's Theory of Dungeon Master Alignment.

    First off, I know this may be controversial to say the least. There are a number of you that despise the traditional 9 alignment system in it's griddy/ wheely glory. I understand that you feel that it's limiting player choice, etc. But that's not what this post is about. This post is about DM Alignment.

    I am of the opinion that different Dungeon masters are of different alignment, but it of course it ...
  5. one character ponies

    In my time, I have run into a few people that only seem to like to play one specific character, instead of a whole stable. While it's entirely their choice, I personally don't think it's a great idea. Here are my thoughts as to why.

    1. Limits your possibilities

    There are a lot of games that are recruiting at any given time for a lot of players. If you take a look you'll usually find between one and five games in the recruiting office forum recruiting brand new ...
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