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  1. Bastards and Bloodlines: Variant Inheritance Rules for 5E. Pt 1- Heavy Lies the Crown

    Bastards and Bloodlines: Variant Inheritance Rules for 5E. Pt 1- Heavy Lies the Crown (Version 1.0)

    I was a lord by birth, my father told me. A king's heart beat in me- and if only I could grow strong enough, I could return and take back what was mine. There were times I considered my father insane- until one day I came across the treasures he had hidden. He was a bard by trade, and we made next to no money, just enough for the two of us to get by. But here was gold and scrolls and

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  2. Realm of the Sleeper

    Barebones setting I developed on a whim. Contact me if you want to use it.

    Magic is now a fairy tale, but this was not always so. When the world was young, a Goddess, trusted, like her sisters, to the care of a people of her own design, she lavished upon them the power to reshape the land and control the beasts, to have the winds and flame and tide at their command.

    But though the Goddess was kind, the people were not all so. The people had no experience in the

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  3. Random Tables: What happens now? In the City

    Random Encounter Generator: 1d100 style.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
    This one's for free.

    01: The main villain appears in person! Do they intend to squash you, to offer you a deal, or do they just have other business here?
    02: The main villain appears in person! But wait, is it the villain, or is it a clever ruse?
    03: An ally is here! Maybe you all can catch up on old times!
    04: An ally is here! But wait, have they turned traitor?
    05: A traveling ...
  4. Roll-Playing: Or, How Mechanics Affect Story. (Posted Correctly This Time. Promise.)

    I'm not exactly a master veteran of the many systems online for roleplaying, but I've found from time to time that there are a lot of issues haunting them- specifically, Dungeons and Dragons as a main example, and then others, such as FATE, BESM, and Marvel Heroic Roleplaying to balance out the materials- Keep in mind that these are most of the systems I know the mechanics for- there are a few obscure ones like Mouse Guard and the like that will probably also earn ...

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